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  • sdstup sdstup May 7, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    Obama will lose if he hates coal


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    • I hope he loses, but he's always hated coal. He proposed to bankrupt coal power-gen plants in an interview before the election last time, yet he won.

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      • I did a little checking and Massachusetts Envirofascist Romney is just bad as President Obama on coal. You can't see his feet in the video where he points to a coal power plant in the background and accuses it of "killing people" because the podium is blocking the view, but we can assume that he's wearing flip flops as he speaks given his recent pro-coal election year rhetoric. "Killing people" huh? WTF have we misguidedly been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade over fossil fuels. Ask an Iraqi if he'd rather breathe a little CO2 or have his door kicked in in the middle of the night by a foreign occupier and be drug off to Abu Grahib for indefinite detention and torture. The envirofascist like Romney are the ones who are killing people by ensuring that we stay dependent on Muslim oil. Ron Paul makes a lot of sense on this particular issue. Bring the troops home now, foiling jihad is a job for the CIA now.

        Check out the video.
        After he wins the true Romney will emerge, the one who will flip flop on coal like freshly landed fish.

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