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  • takemeserious2004 takemeserious2004 Oct 3, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    obama will bankrupt the coal industry.

    obama's a left wing liberal like al gore. obama will use the radical epa to crush coal.

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    • How about a short sentence dissection?
      And simultaneously a dissection of the thought processes of ideologues.You said; obama is a left wing liberal. al gore and him share similar ideologies. The EPA , under order of B.O. is attempting to impose restrictive regulations on coal.
      Your post got 2 thumbs down. Yet, your post is 100% accurate!

      Who are those that cannot make an argument to refute your comments, yet are so weak and shallow to denounce it? What has happened to the all loving liberal , er, progressive, ah, what will they want to be called next year.?
      Lovers of all things they love and haters of what they do not. LMAO!

      BTW yes BTW, BTU is below $22. B.O. loves coal. The EPA wants to help the coal industry.
      Slurp the Koolaide.

    • oliviajagger Oct 3, 2012 2:22 PM Flag

      Wow liberal, left wing, I can tell you are an original thinker. Tell me why are steel and iron ore in similar bear markets. Would that be Obama too. Nope it would be lack of demand and too much supply.

    • Horse Manure. We've got 12 years of evidence to look at.

      Look what happened to BTU at the tail end of the Bush Presidency ($19/share)- and try to tell me BTU was going gangbusters then simply because the EPA was in handcuffs for 8 years.

      Then, explain how BTU hit $70 the third year of Obama's Presidency thanks to EPA restrictions. Ouch that doesn't support the theory too well does it?

      Sure the EPA's a small factor, as it is to any industry. Not nearly to the extent competitive fuel prices and global economic health are an impact on BTU .

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 2 Replies to historyrepeats45
      • The EPA is a small factor, fuel prices and global economic health more important?.
        What does global health have to do with domestic coal demand?
        Rhetorical question only. Not much,
        Nat gas prices certainly are a factor.

        But consider that Ben Bernanke is touted as an expert on the great depression.
        Ben also has been quoted as saying government policies during the great depression , at the very least, deepened it and prolonged the duration.

        Business cycles are a normal event in a capitalistic system. Certainly as a history buff you will agree (1000.00%) One Thousand Percent with that statement.
        So you also must conclude the highs and lows of a business cycle mirror the trends of individual stocks.

        Business cycles are normal . Stocks fluctuation mirroring that cycle is to be expected.

        B.O's EPA regulations are egregiously destructive, just like the things Bernanke is talking about.

        A person could even make the case that B.O.'s ideologically absurd policies are contributing to the global economic deterioration. Certainly, as a student of history , albeit one who could profit from studying a less skewed history book, you know that When America sneezes the rest of the World catches a cold. And with B.O. at the helm, when America crashes on the Titanic Reef, the World sinks under the sea.


      • Don't you think that recent regs that make it economically immpossible to open a new coal plant has a bearing on coal's future?

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