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  • money_coal1 money_coal1 Sep 8, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    first time poster few years share holder

    the long term stock price is starting to look promising.adding

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    • Fast-moving countries (From U.N. and World Bank report)

      "Of the 20 countries with the largest number of people that
      have been electrified during the last 20 years, 12 are in
      Asia. Their experience could hold valuable policy lessons
      for other countries aiming to accelerate electrification. They
      introduced 1.3 billion people to electricity (of the 1.7 billion
      electrified globally between 1990 and 2010), 283 million
      more than their population increase. The most impres-
      sive expansion of electrification occurred in India, China,
      Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The advances in
      these populous countries are of enormous significance for
      achievement of the global universal access target. In par-
      ticular, India charted a remarkable trajectory, electrifying
      474 million people over two decades, or 24 million people
      annually (figure 2.15), with an annual growth rate of around
      1.9 percent."

      My Comment: And most of this is done with coal. There is lots of room for growth since earth still has 1.2 billion people without electricity. Several billion of those with electricity are Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4.

      Here are the tiers:
      Tier 0 = No electricity
      Tier 1 = Task lighting and phone charging
      Tier 2 = General lighting and TV and fan
      Tier 3 = Tier 2 plus any low power appliance
      Tier 4 = Tier 3 plus any medium power appliance
      Tier 5 = Tier 4 plus any high power appliances

      Tier 5, that's us, The Golden Billion, with refrigerators, air conditioners, desktops, 55 inch TV, microwaves, stoves with 4 burners, outlets spaced every 6 to 12 feet throughout our houses, etc., etc.,

      The 0 to 4 tiers will do whatever it takes to climb into our category and coal is the ladder of choice. So yeah, I would say BTU has a ways to go.

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