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  • a213579 a213579 Sep 17, 2013 4:44 PM Flag


    I used to think coal was going to be the next BIG thing. I've waited a year. TIME'S UP. I'm moving up. Good luck to all longs. I see nothing but despair in this industry. I GIVE UP!

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    • I can't seem to create a new thread, so I'll have to piggyback on yours, a213579, if you don't mind.

      From The Guardian, Sept 18th:

      "Germany's Green party is under renewed pressure to defend its stance on paedophilia in the 1980s.

      "In a newspaper article, the historian Franz Walter had accused the Green's co-leader, Jürgen Trittin, of signing off a 1981 pamphlet calling to abolish the decriminalisation of sexual acts between adults and children "that occur without the use or threat of force". In response to the revelation, politicians from the Bavarian Christian Social Union have asked Trittin to withdraw his candidacy from the upcoming election.

      "Green co-leader, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, has defended Trittin and emphasised her party had long ago changed its stance on paedophilia with consent, while admitting that the entire episode was "still an incredible story".

      Walter's research into the subject was originally commissioned by the Green party. But in his article for the taz newspaper, Walter claims that "a fear of debate" has since descended on the party. While much of the 1980s campaign had aimed to liberalise the criminalisation of homosexual acts, he wrote, many Greens at the time had "ignored the structural power differences between adults and children".

      The latest bad headlines come on the back of a steady slide in the polls for the Greens since August, with the party slipping below 10% in one poll last week – making the leftist Die Linke the third-strongest party in the country for the first time in its history. Proposed tax rises in the party programme and miscommunication of a Veggie Day initiative – as well as persistent reminders of the 1980s paedophilia debate by rival parties – have been identified as factors behind the Greens' turn in fortune.

      My comment: Greens had "ignored the structural power differences between adults and children". Lack of judgment is an understatement, yet these people are controlling Germany's energy destiny.

    • a21 - You see nothing but despair in this industry. That's a GOOD SIGN. Means low valuations, lots of bearishness, PLENTY OF BUYING POWER at some point in the future. Am I overextended in BTU shares? Not by a long shot (no pun intended). But as an investment opportunity this company has significant long term capital gains built into it if given a longer time frame.

      Nevertheless after a year I can understand your impatience.

      Good luck in your endeavors,

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Thank you. A couple more of you quitting and then the price will move up. I'm seeing some stabilization in rail shipments. That's a start. Some have commented price of the commodity is beginning to rise. You don't need to listen to anything else. Forget the noise. Watch shipments (demand) and price.

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      • Whether you want to believe it or not, people LOOK at one thing: THEIR POCKET BOOK. When stocks rise, the crowd cheers, "Bravo!" They will then come up with 1,000,001 reasons WHY the stock price is moving up. I know. I get it. I just don't have the patience anymore for coal. I'm sorry, I don't. I am speaking like an irrational, basket case, I know. But, at least I'm not going to give you 1,000,001 reasons WHY KING COAL is dead. That's just all a bunch of B.S. Over the long haul, BTU will go back to it's old highs. If you don't believe this, you don't understand that MOST of the world. . . Hell, ALL of the world MUST HAVE coal to meet their energy needs. But, #@#%#. I am really done waiting. I invested at 14, 16, 21. . . I wish I would have waited to put ALL in at 14, but I didn't. Oh well. . . NEVER said I was perfect. If you have the patience to wait, keep on waiting. But, I don't! I am going to find some other stocks I can hopefully find a bottom on. It's a FUN and EXTREMELY profitable game to TRY to call a bottom of a stock! Let's see how cheap we can buy such and such for. . . But, as for BTU. . . The bottom I believe for that stock was at 14. I missed it. If you want to keep investing in BTU, FINE. Over the long haul, you will ALWAYS win. Chow.

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