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  • telaviv767 telaviv767 Sep 20, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    Alert! These BTU idiots think they are above the law! Morons! Obama just killed coal in the U.S.! LOL!:)

    Coal has no future in the U.S.! Period! The U.S. Has only one new coal plant being built. It is billions over budget! It still not even close to even being as clean as Natural Gas and with Obama's new coal regulations turning coal into electricity is completely unsustainable! LOL!:)

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    • You have to wonder what will happen to all those coal reserves. Cannot burn it so who will keep them? Thankfully we own China a TON and they can buy and use them as they please down the road. Good thing we stop mining and using this product so it is time for you to walk the more cars, computers, cellphones, infrastructure, etc. Forgot it is need to produce steel...hey maybe you can have other countries produce it with our materials....LOL

    • Love the EPA news today! Finally, we can get rid of all dirty coals!!!!! No one wants it!!! Even China is cutting back on coals and switch to solar!!! Coal is dead!!!!!

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      • You and moron telaviv are losers. Fucknuts like you that make life hell everywhere.

      • I am all for solar. In fact, I purchased a bunch of it at or near the bottom, about a year ago. I then sold near the top. If you want to get into the reds or the blues, the healthy or the unhealthy, I say go for it! Knock yourself out trying to save the world. As for me, I am an investor. If cigs were trading at a bottom, I would be buying. If a casino is selling at absurd levels, I would be buying. I am sorry. But, when you invest into companies that develop F16s or. . . THIS WORLD IS FULL OF EVIL. If your values or morals determine. . . You then have the fight against over payed C.E.Os. . .Look man. . . You could also post your beliefs about Coca Cola and the evils sugar cause. . . If you truly believe solar and electric cars are going to STOP another nuclear bomb from falling. . . from people killing each other. . from famine. . from war. . from disease. . . ha!! ha!!! ha!!! Business is business. But yeah, go right on ahead and believe you can SAVE THE WORLD. I dare ya!

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    • You lost yours a long, long time ago.I feel for you. I really do.

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