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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Oct 21, 1999 6:05 PM Flag

    uh, what pop would that be,

    I am long ADIC and plan to stay that way, but I
    do have a question that might sound pessimistic in
    the short term. CRDS is already valued significantly
    more than ZOOX and VIXL yet does not have the same
    level of revenues and I believe is farther away from
    turning a profit. I don't know that I see CRDS going up
    from here. This, combined with ADIC's earnings release
    being still over 6 weeks away (at least I believe it is
    in December -- could be wrong), makes me wonder what
    is going to make the stock do anything but drift
    between $26 and $31 for awhile. It seems the only thing
    that might help is an announcement.

    I would
    certainly like to hear anyone's comments.