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  • limey1958 limey1958 Feb 29, 2000 7:57 PM Flag

    What is it with ADIC and the press...

    Have just read another press article completely
    ignoring ADIC.
    See below:

    Advanced tape backup
    not ready for prime time
    By Sonia R. Lelii, PC
    Week Online
    February 28, 2000 12:00 AM ET
    inability to deliver its newest tape drive technology on
    schedule has OEM partners weighing their options.
    Armonk, N.Y., company was due to come out in January with
    its first LTO (Linear Tape Open) drive, backup
    technology that would set new thresholds for speed, capacity
    and low cost.
    Now IBM officials have extended the
    deadline to sometime during the first half of this year.
    IBM and Qualstar Corp., of Canoga Park, Calif., had
    announced at Comdex in November that an LTO tape library
    would be available by this month.
    "Sometimes you
    run into problems, especially with new technology,"
    said Felix Munoz, an IBM product marketing manager.
    "We have it under control."
    The delay will allow
    other manufacturers of LTO technology�Hewlett-Packard
    Co. and Seagate Technology Inc.�to catch up.
    Officials of HP, in Palo Alto, Calif., and Seagate, in
    Scotts Valley, Calif., said their LTO tapes will be
    available this summer.
    OEMs including Qualstar, Exabyte
    Corp. and Storage Technology Corp. are ready to ship
    LTO tape libraries as soon as IBM, HP and Seagate
    deliver the drives, but now that IBM has slipped, all
    bets are off as to who will be the supplier of choice.

    "IBM has a history of being late," said Tim Weir, a
    senior product manager for the storage automation
    division at Exabyte, in Boulder, Colo. "As IBM slips, we
    are evaluating IBM and HP on even ground."

    StorageTek officials say whoever is first to market will
    have the advantage. "It is very likely we will take
    the first tape drive that is out," said Dan Skane, a
    product manager at StorageTek, in Louisville, Colo.

    Regardless of who's first, users will benefit from LTO
    compatibility among vendors. IBM, HP and Seagate have formed a
    consortium and funded an independent testing lab to ensure
    that data is interchangeable among different vendors'
    Still, it may be 12 to 18 months before LTO
    tape libraries get a solid foothold. Canadian Imperial
    Bank of Commerce, in Toronto, doesn't have a great
    need yet for interchangeable tapes. "But we want that
    flexibility," said Fernando Martins, manager of midrange
    systems operations and technical services at the bank.
    "We would like to see the market embrace the
    technology first."

    So StorageTek gets a mention but
    ADIC do not, Exabyte get a mention by ADIC do not,
    even Qualstar gets a mention but ADIC do not. WHat is
    going on????

    Can't complain at 90 5/8ths though
    - somebody is noticing ADIC.


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