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  • kg2931 kg2931 Nov 2, 2000 12:47 PM Flag

    Sold my 5000 ADIC shrs today

    While ADIC may have upside to 16 over next few
    weeks, too many other stocks meeting my objectives will
    perform better for me. On another note, analysts have
    been hyping the storage sector for last few weeks,
    specifically EMC. While EMC has risen, seems to have had no
    significant positive impact on ADIC.

    Being "DUMB" is
    relative. Sincerely - Good luck to you.

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    • comparing ADIC to EMC

      • 1 Reply to smcapmgr
      • Read my complete posts as thats why people react
        as they do on these boards.I said that there is room
        for both,never suggesting that ADIC could match
        EMC.To answer his other question about EMC going up all
        the time while ADIC was going down,I suggest you look
        at EMC chart which has been in a down trend for a
        few weeks just like ADIC.The problem with investing
        in this day and age is that there are opinions all
        over the computer so you can choose the one you
        like.Morgan Stanley on Tuesday said chip equipment companies
        like AMAT which I own would be alright,yesterday
        another analyist at Morgan Stanley downgraded AMAT,one
        day later.Dan Niles a respected analyist has been on
        the fence for weeks about chip stocks and said you
        shouls stay away because volume would decrease over the
        next 18 months.The chip report just came out and said
        there would be an increase over the next 18
        months.These people dont have a clue and now its even worse
        because they get the info. at the same time as us,so for
        the millions they make,they now have to do some work
        and as you can see it could be wrong,so dont react
        everyday at every word.Adamo