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  • gcfats gcfats Dec 28, 2000 12:06 PM Flag

    ? for Longs...

    Any talk ever about ADIC getting bought out?? Possibly by IBM?? To me, it makes sense. Let me know what you guys think, please. Thanks.

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    • With tech spending slowing down a lot, will this
      affect ADIC?? I know co's are working hard to keep up
      w/all their storage needs, but I was unsure if this
      would really filter down to ADIC. I think not, but
      would like some views if anyone has any info they'd
      like to share.

    • There's been lots of speculation on this BB about
      possible ADIC buyouts- most of it wishful thinking after
      the price tanked this year, IMO. Following this
      daydream you'll find conversation regarding the "death of
      tape technology." Of course, anything is possible, but
      I believe that a buyout would have happened by now
      if another company was seriously "sniffing."

      Regarding IBM, I don't see this as a real possiblility. IBM
      has their own storage division, including robotic
      tape libraries. They have a pretty cozy arrangement
      with ADIC already in their LTO product line in
      segments missing from their storage division. Finally, I
      think that if IBM were truly looking to gobble up a
      storage company, they would have jumped all over
      StorageTek by now, given their past affiliations with STK
      and the space they already share within large-scale
      computing environments. Certainly STK wouldn't complain,
      and their stock price has been attractive. Despite
      this, STK countinues to wallow, and will eventually go
      away unless their management(?) figures out a way to
      work their way into a legitimate niche within the
      open-systems marketplace. Knowing this, IBM has chosen to move
      on without their "old friend" STK. The only reason
      that STK isn't already bankrupt, IMO, is their very
      lucrative O&M contracts outstanding from their existing

      Thoughts, anyone?

      Happy new year,