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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Feb 7, 2004 4:45 PM Flag

    For those who think that 12% is ok

    Read this...the national debt could become 58% of the Gross Domestic Product of the entire United States of America simply to handle the "transition" costs of Social Security.

    If you think interest rates are going to stay low you are not making sense of this information.

    The return to in excess of 20% interest rates is becoming inevitable.

    Just as noone during the Carter administration could foresee the return to today's low interest rates, many today cannot allow themselves to see the return to high double digit rates.

    Bush has spent the United States into oblivion.

    It is not that PTF does not have reserves. The company does. It is that the stock price will plummet as interest rates are seen to inevitably go up and the degree to which nterest rates rise is inversely proportional to the movement of the stock.

    I see the prime going from 1 1/2 to 11 percent.


    Mark this post and sell this stock and all others that are interest rate sensitive.

    This is the only way to play the dangerous game Bush is having us play.

    It is also a great time to go into a fixed rate debt situation.

    People have fled nto gold and natural resources because it is clear that the dollar has collapsed.

    the pro blem is that stocks have not done the same but they will.

    Stocks that are tied to interest rate returns will fall the hardest.

    Wait until the smoke clears and the prime breaks 10% and then buy into these trusts, the ones that are still inbusiness after the enormous consolidation that will follow where most of these guys will be bought by the strongest, probably PTF and ERF but who knows, perhaps a brand new creation, and then you will be able to lock in those high rates for th3e rest of your life.

    Now is not the time to buy and that is why you seee these enormous sell offs.

    Good luck to those who act on tese wors.

    May God bless those who do not.

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    • NHY,you are trying to be sane,and i see this board does not want thier convictions tested.but instead of bothering with trying to keep posting,i will make a simple statement(that you can all think i'm nuts for).income investments that put capital at risk have been driven by yield chasing.there will come a time(maybe in a month or two,maybe by the end of the year)when the wise move will be to close out any income investments that put capital at risk(yes,those cd's,t-bills,individual munies that everyone seems to think are just like PTF will be fine to hold of course-the principal is garenteed in those)and live off the capital for a few months to let things settle into a high rate enviorment.anyone who has an idea that it will all be fine will be hurt.and anyone who thinks this investment is up because of NG prices and not yield chasing is very mistaken-and let's face it,it's up this week because of Tobin Smith saying buy on fox.there is risk in income investments,and to ignore it puts you at greater risk.

    • oh common NHY, you know his stock can beat up your stock...keep up the good posts

    • headhunterinva says: "C'mon QA...lighten up. You make some valid points but a good investor NEVER follows up a point with "and I made thiiiiiis much money and I bet you didn't cause you didn't listen to me". Sounds like schoolyard.."

      Well... from where I'm reading, the responses to QA's messages sounds a whole lot more "schoolyard".

      I keep seeing these supposedly 50+ year olds responding to QA's posts with what only can be seen as childish, immature and immaterial reading for all coming to this board. One went so far as to imitate QA's screen name in their posting. Is this a tech board or an income investment board. GROW UP children!

      Whatever anyone says on this board will not affect PTF's distributions by one single penny this year. It will not change PTF's reserves by one single boe.

      If QA makes a million shorting PTF, so what! It will only affect those that SELL and the short term traders using the readers here to make their capital gains. So they are doing no differently than QA is doing! So it's the pot calling the kettle black!

      Seems it is SOME of the responders to QA that need to "lighten up". You would think he had a gun to your head forcing you to sell.

      Perhaps those doing so are so insecure in their selection to own PTF and are thus riled at anyones challanging their investment selection. While those that really believe in PTF could care less by others having different views and making a few short-term profits that make no difference to them in the long run! In fact, a "short-attack" only provides BELIEVERS a chance for income investors to buy more at lower prices.

      IMO, any newcomer to this board during the past few days wanting to understand PTF better got only the imporession that this board was a completely a waste as reading many of the tech boards are!

      I don't agree with most of what QA said, but he was more dignified in his posts than many of the responses to him, by a longshot!!!
      No need to attack me as I won't read your messages. I've decided to wait a while for this to blow all over. Maybe some more mature posts and posters will return to this board.

      Perhaps some here should just PONDER this message rather than respond with an attack as they freely and immaturely as they did with QA.


    • There's no need to feel foolish.
      Like a broken clock, everyone gets it right some of the time.

    • And DNT, a bond security, is traded on the NYSE.

      Don't you feel foolish letting everyone here see that you have no idea how the markets work?

    • That would be interesting, if QA actually said before hand what he/she would be doing and THEN seeing how it pans out.

      I'll be right back, I have to help QA get his head through the doorway here so he/she can start posting.

    • That is exactly why I am amazed that you do not listen.

      You are reading the post from a pro and yes, they are extremely rare.

      Back to my studies.

    • It's easy to know what will happen, hard to predict when. All of Bush's soldiers and all of Greenspan's men, do not want to see Dubya become a Humpty Dumpty story and will work their asses off to delay the inevitable collapse of the American monetary system. At least put it off until he is no longer in office. Great thing about the American political system - there is no accountability.

    • If you knew how much I made in a year doing this you would choke on your putter.


      This is my hobby and my profession.

      you are lucky that I bother to post here.

      In fact, you are damn lucky I have bothered to post the information I have to date.

      But pearls and swine do not mix.

      So sad.

    • losers like quantum are always soooooo easy to spot

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