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  • rdesroch rdesroch Mar 1, 2005 8:31 AM Flag

    O/T UTS/PCA JV - Thanks Frozen


    Thanks again for the heads up on UTS and the background information. I took a 9% position in my holding.

    CC at (;)) AM Eastern 1-800-814-4861

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    • I stand by what I said earlier and make no apologies.

      Calling someone a "moron" (you) or "crazy and stupid" can hardly be considered slurs. You are either overly sensitive or just looking for a fight. Now if I called you a stupid c*cksucker or a f*cking idiot, than perhaps you'd have a legitimate gripe.

      It is plain for all to see that you bought late and sold early, and that is your problem not my fault. Perhaps I should have left it alone, but we all get mightily tired of people like you or BEB spouting off prognositcations based on hunches. You have expended any credibility by selling into what is arguably one of the strongest equities one can buy. ECA shows up on virtually every wire house recc list and is finally getting air play, and you think its time to sell?

      That fact that you no longer have a position in ECA while continuing to check this board, only proves my point that YOU KNOW you sold too early.

    • >>>BTW you sold Encana at $69<<<<
      No I sold it at $69.99 as I so stated on the DVN board where I usually post. I made three points & as a trader I was quit satisfied.
      As for you personally, you came over to the DVN board & posted a few times. In those few times you called me a moron (post 8319) & told Iron Mike (post 8294) "you're either crazy or stupid". These slurs because we didn't agree with you, are indicative of your brain level. You're either a kid with 50 shares or you never learned to get along with others. Belittling people because they don't agree with you is a sure sign of weakness. You even had some unkind words for the posters on this board before they politely put you in your place. Some people never learn.

    • ion -

      Good one!! He just wants everyone's shares, on the cheap. Well, he's NOT GETTING MINE!!!


    • Jim, don't hold back. Let him have it.

    • BTW, I note that you're a real p*ssy by not posting on this board you sold Encana at $69.
      Instead you did it on the Devon Board. You can't have it both ways as BEG found. You're either long or you're not.

      pretty simple.

    • yeah? I'm damn well know I'm making more money on ECA than you are.

      so get lost and loiter elsewhere.

    • You certainly ARE mentally challenged.

    • Thanks to you and Bob I was also able to make a few dollars :). Thanks to both for sharing your knowledge.

    • Bob,

      It was a good ride. I sold half my position yesterday and the rest this morning. I got a double in just under a month. Sorry for the gloat. I know it will not always be this easy. In arriving at a deal sooner than later I think PCA did get a lot of the leverage I originally saw accruing to UTS. I suspect UTS should be worth 7 or 9 dollars by 2009 - I just don't know what that means for fair value today given the road ahead. I am happy to hand my shares of to someone else and I hope tha they do as well with them as I have.

      FWIW, frozen

    • What I like is that this sands project for PCZ fills in nicely as Eastern Canada and North Sea production starts to drop in about 5 years.

      This conventional crude production is very high margin, so their CF will be quite high relative to production, and the peak new development costs for the sands come as the costs for these two projects are also dropping quickly.

      The other fact I like about PCZ is they have about 10 billion barrels potential, or about $1.50 per barrel of market cap.

      UTS with the increase in stock price and the decrease of 60% or reserve potential is about at the same level of dollares per barrel of market cap. I switched my UTS for PCZ yesterday after a 60% gain in three weeks.

      As my option for a staight sands position, I have been buying Deer Creek, which has about 40 barrels per share, or $0.25 market cap per barrel.

      Since they are going slow, they are a true option for the sands, and are the last big small cap remaing with a large sands position,

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