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  • Dan279 Dan279 Jun 8, 2005 3:07 PM Flag


    Buy at 29.20.

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    • Once again the stupidity and idiocy of a demented, self-loathing, anti-capitalist, crypto-Marxist, closeted halfwit, BS spewing basher like you is on parade for all to see.

      So tell us MORON? ?I mean do you really suffer from some uncontrollable and insatiable need to announce to the world how dimwitted and imbecilic you really are? ?Are you reeeaaally that RETARDED you f*cking inbreed loser, or does your brain simply suffer from some sort of mental constipation?

      Because my retarded friend, in case someone hasn?t informed you yet this is the ECA BB and most of the people here today and every other day for the most part are interested in the company?s long-term outlook and future earnings potential, NOT your twisted views and retarded tirades basher!

      Furthermore, and FYI ?yup? is spelled Y-U-P and not w/ an ?e? nor is there two ?b? in ?probably? you f*cking imbecile, but then again that?s why you?re a RETARD and so in tune w/ the ups and downs of the federal minimum wage rate, isn?t that right genius?

      Oh and I almost forgot, as far as the federal minimum wage goes these days?it?s $5.15 presently?

      In fact, I should know?that?s what I pay the trailer trash like you that are fortunate enough to work for me.



    • Yep thi know it all cannot even discuss issues this fool resorts to name calling and vulgarity. This is the kind of idiot that thinks ECA will put bread and butter on his table cause with a month like that.....He prbbably makes 5.35 an hour at the most. So I forwarded his remarks to ECA pleadong for a more intelligent response.

    • In fact, I was going to let your imbecilic tirade slide, after all this is ?Be Kind to RETARDED Animals Week?. But then again, this is the first time I?ve ever come across someone or something on these BBs that suffers from some form of metal and linguistic ?stuttering,? isn?t that right-r-r-right-r-r-r-right MORON?

      Truly you are of a feeble mind and worst yet a ?waste of breath??no wonder after having you your mother decided to sew up her cunt and smother it in superglue!



    • ''That doesn't include the Gulf of Mexico, where the company doesn't expect to start pumping before 2009.''

      Dan, ECA will take the money now instead of 2009 and tripple it by them. Keep shorting, how much are you down this week alone? It's even to late for you to cover. There are a ton of stocks out there to short, WHY is the world do pick EnCana.

    • I find it interesting that about 5.4 million ECA shares were sold short on the TSX in the last 2 weeks of May..... NOT A GOOD MOVE .... the stock is up C$5 + in June.

    • Ya make money shorting ECA too. Going SHORT ya ASSHOLE is is JUST as Profitable as going LONG. You guys are tied to this stock like it was easy money. HAHAHA........Let's see if ya can keep it up next week. How many shares ya got? HAHAHA

    • Interesting, I will check them out. Thanks.

    • I've read every one of your stupid posts today and you have not given one tidbit of worthwhile information. In other words, you have wasted my time... No more time is allotted to you... You are on "Ignore"

    • Hey I am not trying to be a smart ass.......Look I have and will beat the market and I will beat Jim Cramer

    • Yes I remember Pickens saying that. I do and your right. But @10/mcf STP, more and more people cannot afford it too. Demand goes low.......Pickens also said that gas will climb to 3.50 a gallon next year. With all the home equity loans out there fueling the Tech economy........people will and I mean will find alternative transportation in fuel cell and hybrid vehicles........Go long on OMG too

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