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  • darflerm darflerm Aug 18, 2005 4:23 PM Flag

    Call in to "Mad Money"

    Some one should get Cramer on the line during his Mad Money rant and ask him while on the air why he pumped ECA and 2 days later dumped it. He desrves to be treated like a criminal for abusing his position as the show host to profit from his audience. Hey this could be a new reality show!

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    • Right on man! That is exactly what I am doing. As a farmer I am tied to the price of diesel. The only way around it is to hedge it. I don't see anything changing soon.

    • What I don't understand is why the high gas price whiners simply don't go out and buy a few shares of VLO, CVX, XOM, etc (I've bought VLO on dips and sold for profits many times this summer, and hold core of energy stocks). Maybe buy some ECA, BR, CRK etc. too in case their heating bills go ballistic. If you can't beat them, join them. Hedge yourself like the airlines do, so if gas prices rise they can enjoy increased profits from their stocks. Oh wait, I forgot that nobody saves anymore, saving is for chumps. All money is locked up in real estate and 401ks. I guess it's easier for the babies to whine for the government to investigate the high price of gas EVERY YEAR and to "do something".

    • Cramer did his version of a mea culpa on the show last night. He told a stupid story of going to the Casino and winning $100 at the slots w/ his Grandma. Then taking the money and buying a sweater! Then he explained that he had predicted that oil and gas companies would move from 5% to 10% of total market cap. So now that they have, he has been taking his profits and buying that proverbial "sweater".

      What a load of crap. The only trouble with this little story is that it comes after all his viewers have been royally screwed. If he was planning to do this, why wasn't he upfront about it? He sells out at a profit, and then tells his viewers to sell after the stock is down a few points? Martha Stewart went to jail for less than that! What a manipulator.

      Stay long ECA and it will make you rich. Buy the pullbacks. I do believe there is a correction coming. It may be very brief, but it will happen when oil spikes down under 60 for a few days and panics all the traders and hedgies. That's when you want to have some cash and back up the truck!!!!! IMHO

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      • <<Last Monday after a weeklong Hawaiian vacation, a bronzed Cramer returned to CNBC's studios as unhinged as ever. He immediately trumpeted his pick of the week--Dick's Sporting Goods (nyse: DKS - news - people ), the athletic-gear and apparel chain.
        "This is the best story you've never heard of," he enthused, urging viewers to buy Dick's ahead of its earnings announcement the next morning.
        Although Cramer warned his disciples only to buy with a limit order to prevent the stock's spiking, Dick's popped 7% to $41.93, trading 300,000 shares during Mad Money. By comparison, Cisco Systems (nasdaq: CSCO - news - people ), which traded 60 million shares in Monday's regular session, traded only 12,000 shares between 6 P.M. and 7 P.M.

        Tuesday morning, Dick's sliced its 2005 earnings forecast, and the stock tanked, closing down 20% at $32.90.

        Enraged, Mad Money viewers flooded Dick's Yahoo! message board with anti-Cramer tirades, many of them--there were over 1,800 posts that day--unsuitable for reprinting on a family Web site.

        That evening, Cramer--with an "Eating Crow" graphic prominently displayed behind him--issued a mea culpa, repeating five times "I was wrong." But don't dwell on your mistakes, he exhorted: "Bottom line: You have to move on and get back into the game!"

        Many Wall Street watchers don't think it's a game.

        "Cramer's moving the markets like the star nternet analysts did during the tech bubble," says Jacob Zamansky, an attorney representing individual investors. "He's got a big following of people who think they're acting responsibly by following Cramer's advice--but in reality he's dangerous to their health." >>

      • He's going to buy himself a FUR coat when he sells GOOG!!!!!

      • Cramer boughght a sweater, whos he think he is, Mr Rogers.

      • BTW, Cramer would lead one to believe that he has now sold all the gas stocks he was recently pounding the table for, XEC, CHK, and ECA.

        I would buy these on pullbacks, also XTO. Once it gets colder this winter, these stocks should go higher. If Goldman is right and we get an oil super spike, they will go a lot higher. Then you can buy a boatload of sweaters.

    • As long as people keep watching...he's happy...

    • If you're stupid enoug to listen to him,
      then you don't deserve any better.
      Do your own Research and leave this idiot Crame alone.

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