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  • bagholdersfriend bagholdersfriend Jul 21, 2006 8:30 PM Flag

    Barren's article

    In case you missed it in the new Barren's, there is a feature interview guessed it....MORGAN! I swear, that sumbitch is everywhere. I can't drop in the whole interview but here are a few blurbs:
    B - you have had some phenomenal success this year with your short positions in Encana. How do you find these opportunities?
    M8 - well, in the Encana case it was pretty simple, like shooting fish in a barrel. My charts clearly indicated a pennant forming and every single time that sucker got near the upper band it fell like hooters on a grandma. Speaking of hooters, did you catch that set on Jessica that she's cut Nick Lacky loose I might just give her a ride on the old "8". (hehe)
    B - you've commented in the past on the massive storage in the natural gas market. Do you see any indications that the injection numbers will improve in the near term?
    M8 - no, no, too much gas. A good ripping fart would clear out some, but the storage numbers are a big problem going forward. Speaking of injection, did I mention Jessica Simpson?
    B - you have quite a following on the Yahoo message board for Encana. Have the other members taken advantage of your signals and shared in your good fortune?
    M8 - well, I cn't say for sure. Most of the posters are one guy who is pretty stupid and he spends most of his time playing detective while money pours out of his pocket. Speaking of members, did I mention that I was going to offer Jessica Simpson a ride on the "8"?
    B - you took a few weeks off to vacation in England recently. Did you meet any interesting Brits on your trip?
    M8 - sure, sure, I hung out with Posh and Becks, spent some time with Mick and the Stones, you know that Keith really isn't dead.....but he sure smells like it. Speaking of meat, did I mention the "8" and Jessica Simpson?
    B - yes, I believe you did. Well, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We'll be looking forward to your adventures.

    You might want to pick up the issue and check out the whole interview....good stuff there.
    Good luck to all.

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