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  • quickyshares quickyshares Feb 2, 2007 5:15 AM Flag

    Behind Quickybuck's Back

    I have been following this board for a long time. Now I think the time is right.
    Quickybuck gone, I was able to get the quickyshares ID. He must be fuming.
    I liked the concept of buyencana, with the share accummulation scheme,
    almost wished I got her ID, but then I might go to other boards and for this
    purpose, quickyshares is a lot better. I won't bother you if this scheme doesn't
    work, but when it works, I will sure let you know. Since I have more money
    I will use 500 shares to play with. The only thing I am not sure about is the
    commission. I have to phone my broker and ask what penalties there are
    for an odd lot of lets say, 495 shares to sell. I may have to discount them.
    Any have any experience with odd-lot share sales ?

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    • You are quite right. I only do this as an alternative to my other investments.
      I am holding TRP since October 2002, and ENB since about the same time.
      I don't dare to sell them. I was looking at WFC in April of 2003 and I could still
      kick myself for not buying them.

      This new game is just for kicks and excitement.

    • Or consider a longer term horizon.

      Say I bought 100 shares of WFC (then NOB) in 1987 for 17.75. (Because I did).

      That is now 800 shares (three 2:1 splits) at $35.

      Now I could sell 50 shares now and then the remaining 750 shares would be "free".

      But what exactly is the point. The original $1775 that I invested in 1989 was already my money. The entire amount right now is my money. It is "free and clear" if you will. I would only sell it if I had a bette rplace to invest that part of my portfolio.

      If I had sold 95% of those NOB in 1989 when they made their first little gain, I would now have 40 "free" shares of WFC. I'd rather have the 800.

    • <<Look at what I am planning to do: Buy 500 shares and hold them until
      I have a profit of between 3 to 10 shares. Then sell lets say 495 shares
      to recoup my original cost of the 500 shares. I would have 5 shares
      over the rest of my lifetime or until cashed out that pay me dividends
      or increase (also decrease) in value.>>

      What do you do if it goes the other way.

      Say you buy 500 shares and hold them until you have a loss of 10 shares.

    • The time is not right and will never be right. Please, keep your experience to yourself. Be considerate, quit exposing the public to your illness.

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