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  • xapacid xapacid Nov 24, 2003 3:32 PM Flag

    RANGY - by the numbers

    (P/E numbers are approximate and calculations were done on 11/19)

    If RANGY kept their current earnings but the price moved up to match the P/E ratio of some common mining stocks it would be staggering:

    NEM: 41
    HMY: 26
    AU: 29
    GG: 41
    FCX: 27

    Low: 26
    Average: 32
    High: 41

    RANGY: 8

    RANGY @ 10: $18.90
    RANGY @ 20: $37.80
    RANGY @ 30: $56.70
    RANGY @ 40: $75.60

    Not only does this not account for a potential increase in profits, but it's purely fundamentals. The technical picture is stunning as well.

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    • It is very true but blame managment that not doing their Job as like BVN. NEM and FCX....

      If changes occur it is diamond for RANGY invstors

      • 1 Reply to stockspy1
      • Don't just slam management - post some information to back it up. Otherwise you're just another anonymous speculator with nothing more than an opinion.

        What's wrong with management? What have they done wrong that you can see a better way to do business?

        I see negative (and positive) posts on *every* message board I follow - 95% of them are of no more use than reading tea leaves because there's no data to go with the claim.