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    • Power to waste?

      Almost beyond ability to think of a cynical comments here!

      Hmmm, maybe nation really does need a company like Enrot less the rotten ?

      Nat gas so cheep and abundant nobody knows how to trade it now.
      Viewed several large scale co-generation plants under construction last visit out west?

      Maybe someone should tell Alcoa --- this would be a good time to get those smelters going full flow for a special yearly rate deal ?

      Competition, free trade, regulation or manipulation, what the hell does anyone do or use to figure growth or stability with power or energy markets anymore ?

      Super conductors for a national grid, or methods to convert excess kinetic energy into potential (like calif. does with San Lewis Dam might be a possible solution?)..

    • Yes, I read that myself and another similar article.

      However in Nevada, the consumers are freaking out over their electric bills.

      Sure NVenergize/Smart meters was going to save money. So far the meters themselves have been found faulty and there are no savings, what a load of crap.

      Then NVEnergy went for ANOTHER rate review. Good thing the rate increase wasn't granted. Of course it won't be those on high feeling anything. Only those that do the work.

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      • as for nevada power rates?

        the public always feels screwed,
        often true (in various ways),
        the power company clearly in it for profit,
        deserved relative to the cost to product sold..
        Hence the reason for a PUC.

        Then comes the struggle between investors, management and labor, unions, taxes, licensing, insurance and cost to finance.

        So called profit soon vanishes as the pie get's sliced and diced..

        Not so many years ago, the casinos did nothing to conserve what was burned in waist-full excess, but they complained and screamed for lower rates while failed dreams of interstate deregulation nearly bankrupted Nevada, Calif. Wash. and Oregon states.

        what has really changed, the tires perhaps, but they are still on the same rims, same axles, same hubs going round and round..

        so much idealism, so little oversight not tainted by paid for favors purchased on the hush by special interest.....

        no solution here,
        always seem to by high, and then get forced to endure or sell out lower, just in time to see recovery for long term holders..

        what really drives this poster mad today, is seeing our domestic markets get plowed by what is happening in Euro Nations ?

        Who were them people sold the US investors on all the wonders and potentials of world wide markets ( and all the topics that have spawned new from those and more )..

        Always a new RAT TRAP, but same ol rats..