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  • anotherufomechanic anotherufomechanic Feb 21, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

    NVE reports a loss? Smart Grid looks dumb

    I truly believe this is a concocted loss & hope the officers don't have the arrogance for accepting huge bonuses this year.

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    • Dadi;

      So your saying the utility poles are supporting high grade equipment?

      I do not live in Nevada, but still considering a home along the eastern Sierra --- for tax basis, and easy life reasons.

      I was think the purchase of Gas Co Gen projects others like
      Duke departed -- along with give away gas prices a solid reason for owning.

      What is will take to bring back property values I do not know or understand.. That seems to have been a simple case of over build, on the back of lending deregulation?

    • The technicals speak for themselves. The Dow, SO, compared with NVE are in tandem. There is a case for buy and hold. My technique has held through thick and thin. Managment seems to have it together for the short term. Maintenance is the first to go on any cost cutting strategy. It will eventualy be replaced by emergency/expense/costs. The highest concentrated load in the USA, (167KVA xformers on every pole on some appartment areas...That in short is how I justify my buy and hold strategy.

    • We all need to be careful about over generalized comments...

      First of all -- no insults intended here to past or current people working for SRP, NVP or NVE.. There has over the years been a fair number of insiders and outsiders post their opinions..

      My personal interest started Pre-Deregulation, when a member of my family was working with SRP to prepare for days when markets would by law be forced to embrace deregulation. I was able to meet people on line crews, as well as members of the primary administrative office CFO, and others.. Gone now, but all well meaning people back in the early 90's.. There have been some really silly ones took venting as well as attacking on this board as well..

      Speaking for myself, I could not understand how deregulated or should be say (re-regulated) markets were going to work..

      History is what it is, from hostile PUC to conflicted influence of large power users (mines and big casinos), there was "Meter Gate", "Gasification Gate", "Cutting off power gate", "Keystone Kops trading insults", the influence of fancy suits from Enron Spooks" ------- .. If you have been around so long pick your favorite and sign right on with what ever opinion you care to share.......

      As a public traded, investor owned company that almost became Wasn't -- thanks to influence of Wall Street Financial Power Houses, the company has come a long way back.

      The fact that Merrill was source for current CEO, as well as one of the previous most hostile forces impacted long time share holds 10 years ago ------ Means Yakti deserves review by this investor no matter what he makes or does.. I for one am sure he will take all he can, while doing what must be done to keep the power on....

      As long as gas stays cheep, and remains in such abundance it would seem NVE has the ability to regain footing, service communities, and pay bonds and share holders..

      Investing or following the activities of the company now seems almost boring, no big events or shake ups, or grand standing head lines in the press as was the case, and that is good......

      If I missed something really critical for having reason to hold and collect the dividend base on buy in price ------- let's get it out in the open.. Facts always more valued than silly opinions (even my own).

      Loads of luck to all..

    • "I for one doubt you know even close to 50% total work force of the combined companies" - you're right, I forgot to put the 'dozen' in there. We meet at a coffee shop in Vegas.

      "Yakti is a relative new guy, and if you read this thread you would know he gets a fair share of critical reviews.
      Yahoo generally pulls the most critical and juicy posts." - he's been there 5+ years. Smart grid is all his.

      "If you know so many frustrated workers, invite them to sign in, and state their reasons why and what for.. We have heard from a couple over the years, but they usually come across as angry for being caught stealing or just wanting to vent and complain instead of make their case ....." - invite them to... get real. They're well aware of this thread and personally, I'd never post on the board of the company I work for.

      I think you're way out of line insinuating those I know who are venting, 'they usually come across as angry for being caught stealing....'. They're still there and the I know 2 fairly well, both have been there 5+ years, another I know is well over 10.

      I'll miss them, they good people. I'm moving out Nevada. There aren't to many opportunities is the Las Vegas area so I looked elsewhere.

    • And, Yakira's salary? Five Million? Share holders losing money? Valuable O&M workers sacrificing? Important preventative maintenance tabled? Remember the $1.60 dividend?