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  • a1912legacy a1912legacy Mar 25, 2011 9:40 PM Flag

    A Recommendation to Stockholders

    In view of the recent layoffs, it has become increasingly apparent that Rocky and his crew will not be happy until there is nothing left of this once great company. No voice of reason is asked for or heard, no matter how loudly it is shouted. The latest round of layoffs came with no warning or discussions with those left to pick up the pieces. It has become more and more apparent that this company will not survive with Rocky at the helm, in fact you have to wonder if Heidi Modaro is back working as a consultant because the course being taken seems strangely like the course she laid out. Any hopes of salvation will be if the shareholders unite and work towards a new CEO who has the interests of the company and its employees at heart, that person would be Jonathan Waite. Jonathan is young, but if surrounded with and mentored by people who understand what this company stood for, and how to once again gain the confidence of the employees, we would in fact be a work force to be reckoned with. Simply enough all it will take is for the employees to trust that the CEO is not in it to line his pockets, and stamp his misguided hand print on what he thinks the Company should be, in-spite of everything he does that seems to go wrong and cost money. Rocky continues to put his confidence and faith in the Sara Lee people who all but destroyed that DSD system. Shareholders, unite! Let your voices be heard and insist on a change at the CEO position, Jonathan Waite is the person with the knowledge and the heart to do what is right.

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    • Well, it's funny how I see these messages about people that have seem to find their way into positions only to run companies in the ground. For those of you think Heidi has her hands in Farmers, it may be possible but unlikely. She is too busy running another company into the ground. The only problem is that know one seems to realize or care. It's really unfortunate. The only people suffering are the people who do care below her. Some people need to wake up and realize what some people are doing to companies. A company is only good as its corporate culture created by management. Needless to say not a real good environment right now. For any board members, take a look at turnover. Yes there is a pattern, a very bad pattern. Too many high quality people no longer around.

    • It was too late the day they bought Superior from Sara Lee. Now that all the money is gone and the company is in disaray they are selling to Royal Cup.


      "The bottom line for me is this. I am tired of listening to people complain everyday about everything. IF you are unhappy... LEAVE. IF you really have as much compassion for this company as many of you say... get off your ass... go to work... solicit a new account... upsell in your customer... collect the monies due...jump in and help where needed..."

    • All of you raise some valid points. To gcoffee, I agree with most of your statements, ESPECIALLY when you reference that none of these ideas are put out to the field for input. However, that applies to more people (departments) than just our CEO. Having said that, I do not like your attitude. 1- be thankful your position was not eliminated, 2- concentrate on growing the business on your route/branch. IF EVERYONE would focus on improving their own role in this company, we can continue the Farmer Brothers "Legacy". We may still have the same management team, but wouldn't it be great to say " in spite of all the challenges placed before us... we managed to make ourselves SUCCESSFUL".
      To Freedom1, I would like to hear more detail about the improvements we will see in the next two quarters. Do you have facts to share with us?
      The bottom line for me is this. I am tired of listening to people complain everyday about everything. IF you are unhappy... LEAVE. IF you really have as much compassion for this company as many of you say... get off your ass... go to work... solicit a new account... upsell in your customer... collect the monies due...jump in and help where needed... OH WAIT A MINUTE... isn't that what we have always done?

    • I wrote this on August 20, 2010 and I think it is appropriate to state again: Before the "integration disasterisation" Farmer Brothers was putting millions of dollars in the bank each year. The only ones responsible for splitting the work force were Rocky and Heidi, after all Rocky is the one in charge isn't he? They split the work force when almost every Sara lee/Superior Salesman received a raise when they took over our routes. Farmer Brothers route people, for their years of hard work building routes were rewarded with a pay cut or severenced. Alot of the upper management jobs for Farmer Brothers were eliminated or forced out by 16,000 to 20,000 dollar a year pay cuts. Obviously, this does leave some room for "complaints". As the stock continues to drop and the morale continues to tumble along with the customer count, I believe you are in for a heck of alot more "complaints". All of this could begin turning around if you remove Rocky and put the true Farmer Brothers employees back in charge. These employees are the ones who started as "Trainees" in this company and built it to what it once was.I believe that many Farmer Brothers employees that were let go would be willing to come back and help get this company back to what it was with the proper management changes. Alot of the ones that received deep pay cuts and could no longer support their families are the ones that had been in this business for 15 to 20 plus years. You need them back, I know this and YOU know it too!

    • Hey Freedom & Shirley, there is a reason Hiedi & Drew were fired. There is reason the company has posted loss after loss. There is reason why our vendors payments are being held 90 days. There is a reason why you can't approach the administration. The facts don't lie, the financial statements don't lie. So, please stop your lecturing and dispute the poor decisions of CBI and the over-expansion. This is relevant to an investment message board because they need to know that this administration is grossly mismanaging the company. The BP oil spill was public with their failures, why shouldn't FBC's turmoil be public as well.

    • Hey Freedom - You are right on with your comments! You may not be able to tell, but there are many others that agree with your views but do not post here anymore because the disgruntled and irrational group obsessively dominates the discussion. It's one compaint after another, repeated over and over, month after month... If these views held any merit they would raise them with management or the board in an effort to change things for the better. Instead they just spew the same angry crap like little children throwing temper tantrums. And we thought this was an investment message board...

    • Farmer Bros. was going downhill when they brought Rocky in. It is easy to blame Rocky but the fact is Farmer Bros. was already poorly managed by the Farmer bros. former team. I highly doubt that going back to the past failures is going to move this company forward. Rocky will succeed but it will take new people not the former failures.

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      • You need to put the crack pipe down and get into reality. Sure Farmer Bros was in some tuff times. The family allowed Rocky to turn our leadership over to a failing company and failing business plan take all the money, everyones self respect, and set it up for a sale to Royal Cup.

        Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Are u F*&^ing insane? How can you say "Farmer Bros. was going downhill when they brought Rocky in". This company had close to $250.000,00.00 saved for times like these. Thanks to the czars in place now its gone! This whole disasterazation that occured is a 100% failure of Roger Laverty and his dumba#$ cronies that he brought over along with the corporate enviroment thinking that SARA LEE knew what they were doing with their DSD biz.It was all smoke and mirrors. Hell if you want to lay blame - blame the former VP who was the one who actually introduced Rocky and Heidi to the board to begin with. Tom Mortensen, Butch Ratowski, and the rest of the original team had a plan that would have actually made us all and the company money and it was presented at the same time Heidi, Dimitra, Paul presented theirs to Rocky-its obviuos who won that presentation. Ummmmmmmmmmm-that plan is really working isnt it? Oh but wait lets balme it on the economy rather than admit failure and ask for help. I wonder who's head should roll now smarta$$.
        Now thats not to say that this intagration didnt come with some good ideas and some very handy analization tools.
        Their will be only one way to turn this titanic around; pubicly terminate Rocky, Mark, Jefffery and everybody even remotely associated with Rocky. Hold a mandatory companywide conference call outlining their terminations and the installation of Jonathan W, Tom M, Brian C and a new team to lead us out of this mess. Then jetison Chicago, NESO and Paul Schwartz's/Dimitra Rizzi's so called team. We do need however some sort of midwestern office and an 800 service number for the big coast to coast chains but not Downwers grove and NESO in its current form.
        We need to go back to respecting our employees/labor for what they are-the ones who grew this company and made it what it is-GREAT. Bottom line it dosen't matter if Rocky had a plan or not and if Bart Simpson is running this company-IT AINT WORKING BOSS!!
        The whole idea of buying Sara lee's DSD was an absolute ill planned joke and an example of pis poor managment at all levels.
        Lastly, rest assured that we have been assured that a team and mission are in place to take over once someone pulls the trigger which we hope is the board but if the board is not going to be part of the solution then THEY are the problem and need to be replaced as well.
        I believe in our company and I will not go down without a fight.

    • I couldn't agree with you more. This administration came in with a smug superior attitude as if the prior 96 years didn't exist. Rocky brought on CBI, Drew, Hiedi, Mark and the Chicago Office and it has all failed. Drew and Hiedi are gone and its time to finish this with getting rid of Rocky, Mark and Chicago.

      I know Jonathan and he is very intelligent, responsible and respectful person & manager. Staff in the administration, the plant and the sales department respect him and are waiting to rally around him. This company was ran by Farmer and only a Farmer can get the support that is here.

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