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  • lmmiller9 lmmiller9 Mar 13, 2006 5:38 PM Flag

    Something is wrong.

    I have a long list of energy stocks, many with less attractive fundamental numbers than HELX, CDIS, etc. They all moved up very significantly today. We moved up for a while and then fell back.

    I listened to the conference call, read the reports and have read every message on these boards for the past six months. What we think doesn't matter. Mr. Market obviously has a different opinion.

    My assumption is that they have trouble with the merger, valuing the company post merger, or simply don't believe in the non-pure-play strategy that this management has adopted. It has clearly confused the investment community and sent them elsewhere. The only other interpretation I can see is that the markets judgment of REM is far more negative than of CDIS and they feel that too much was paid.

    There is no point having our heads in the sand. If someone else has another interpretation of the data, I'd like to hear it.

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    • I think uncertainty is always a drag -- one I thought was backed in. But, combine the uncertainty of any merger, combine it was a revised business merger, and, finally and importantly, many of HELX peers, particularly oil services with a focus on NG (note rem is majority NG), have been tested to their 200-day. This stock feel differently, we fell, held pretty well, bounced from earnings, and then were take to the enevitable. I have to think we are now oversold and will bounce and hold, particularly given increased NG price.

      Just my rank analysis.

    • Something is wrong all right. It's called patience. Instant gratification is the word of the day.

      You look at Helix. Split in december 2:1, announced a major acquisition January, then oil & gas retreats, Remington announces it won't be operating at 100% until end of 2nd quarter, and the merger indicates will happen sometime in 2nd quarter.

      What you have is a stock that is going to lay dormant for a few months. The earnings are outstanding for Helix, same for Remington once it's up at 100%.

      This is the bottom. It isn't a pos stock. It isn't a bad stock {great company}. What HELX is a tremendous opportunity if you can wait a few months. If you can't? Well, then I guess you're trader, not an investor.

      Why the great mystery on this? Why expect it to follow the market right now? It's like a python that just ate a tapir. It's going to take awhile to consume and digest. But, once that's complete. Look out!!!!!

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