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  • deepsub9 deepsub9 Mar 15, 2006 10:13 AM Flag

    HELX bouncing UP !!

    Could be that investors are seeing the PEG list that ZACKS put out......with a short list of fantastic cheap buys........HELX was on the list next to GW.


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    • tbird... One heck of a story to have Mr. Kratz pick up the phone and talk with you! I love it! I'll bet you won't forget that very soon.

      Good luck with HELX

    • OldWatchdog about two weeks after the CDIS had their IPO I thought I would call the company and check out there investors relations dept. I called and this sweet voice answered. I said I was a new investor and had a few questions. Next thing I hear is a voice say "This is Mr. Kratz, may I help you" In about one minute I was so lost as he laid out his plan to grow the company. I thank him and never called back again. He is one smart guy.

    • T-Bird, I was out myself yesterday p.m. / evening with family and didn�t get to listen to the Citi Group presentation until this a.m. It was the usual good performance by Mr.'s Kratz and Pursell. One thing I�ve noticed lately is the difficulty in discussing all the new current activities as fully with so much taking place at this time. But I guess that is a good sign; extraordinary growth.

      I�m sure that by now the analysts are getting their arms around the new �Helix Model� and it�s approach to the niche market they target. However, the �niche� is gradually becoming the norm. Today O&G producers have to find ways to produce depleting fields and smaller and more difficult, more expensive prospects. The �Helix Model� covers this new trend like �skin on Sausage�. As discussed at the meeting, Helix acknowledged that others were trying to copy this model around the globe, but HELX has all the pieces in-place NOW. The old Cal Dive has been putting these pieces together for over a decade, both in the shallow and deep waters, both in contracting and production and both in experienced crews and professionals. THE HELX, CDIS, REM, (et. al.) TIMING COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER ! ! !

      Like Mr. Kratz (CEO) said at the meeting (I�m paraphrasing), ��We were early to the party, but now the party has come to join us��. Personally, I have not completely understood every move HELX (CDIS) made over the past years, but I love the results. And oh Yes T-Bird, I love the 1/2 BILLION EBITDA "Cash Flow" projected for this year. Don�t just take my word, go the new HELX web site and remember this does not include REM yet. Below is a link to their �History�, but brose around while you are there.

      Old Watchdog

    • Deep,

      If you consider low PEG ratios as a buy signal indicator in your investment style, check out another driller, NBR...PEG is .17, about half HELX and GW.

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      • joe....I have noticed that for quite some time now, and always have wondered why NBR is not able to hold a higher PEG ratio........they are truly undervalued, especially since they are the big dog on the block!

        I think it would help them if they split their shares 2/1. I have seen the consensus target price on NBR is quite a bit higher than today's price.........a good value play.


    • If HELX gets pass the resistance of 35, it should run up to 38-39 area easily.

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