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  • algomapicker algomapicker Mar 23, 2006 3:32 PM Flag's the messages {part 1}

    Re: Zacks Research Wizard & Backtesting
    by: algomapicker
    Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 03/23/06 02:43 pm
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    The idea is to let the software trigger the buy. With over 8000 stocks out there in this data bank {including HELX}, you've got a better opportunity to find stocks on the move, pick them up, then drop them off in a disciplined fashion.

    It has zero to do with understanding the company you've invested in, and all to do with making money. Not falling in love with a stock and holding. It's an excellent way to force profit taking and reduce holding losers.

    It's disciplined investing. No emotion. No wringing of the hands. I am absolutely sold on HELX, but I'm not a oil expert either. I've learned through due diligence. That takes time and even then sometimes your wrong, or not wrong completely, just early or late to the party.

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