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  • phikappasigma1999 phikappasigma1999 Aug 13, 2012 4:14 PM Flag

    Violence at Times Square

    Once again society must deal with violence in New York City.....all caused by the failure of pepper spray to put down a man wielding a sword at police.....

    If a much stronger version of pepper spray is not authorized then a NYCity order banning all knives and swords on the island must be passed immediately just as was done with hand guns on the island years ago.

    Of course there must be some exemptions granted by government to keep the restaurant business alive by allowing "chefs", to possess these instruments of their profession, as long as they properly register thier knives and swords with the authorities.

    We must protect the general public from knives and swords just as we protect them from large soft drinks, cigarettes and old fashion light bulbs and toilets !

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    • "Of course there must be some exemptions granted by government to keep the restaurant business alive by allowing "chefs", to possess these instruments of their profession, as long as they properly register thier knives and swords with the authorities"

      I don't think even chefs need swords

    • I consider myself a "progressive." In this partisan environment, "liberal" seems too narrow.

      On day traders, studies have shown the overwhelming number of people who try this, have dismal results over time. The major purchase of GIM I made in May, 2006 is up over 99%, to me a splendid return in a low inflation environment.

    • Strong sell is in reference to my attempt to sell my ideas to liberals like yourself.

      I am still a long term holder of GIM and do not like day traders and firms using mathematical logirithims to trade thousand of GIM shares every 4.847635 seconds to make $7.77 at the end of each trading day !

      Life is too short to live that way when we can all be out golfing, fishings or taking a walk in Times Square rather than day trading !

      Can you say Amen on that one ?

    • Well, if you really like those "stubborn facts," you should be aware that Obama was referring to infrastructure and development funding that the government has been providing since the birth of the nation, without which commerce would not be possible. But if you only hear what you want to hear, you'll always be right.

      And YOU would soon go bankrupt if you permitted some maniac to cut off your income!

      BTW, why have you put a "Strong Sell" on GIM? Mad that Dr. H (or maybe "the Indian girl") hasn't upped the divvy?

    • But we in the private sector didn't do anything to make any of the above happen... remember....

      ...... "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT"....

      It was provided with the great assistance of other commrades of the Government...the same government that has bankrupted Medicare,bankrupted the PBGC, bankrupted Social Security, bankrupted the post offices,bankrupted the FDIC, bankrupted the Fed(The largest holder of US Federal Debt),bankrupted Freddie and Fannie Mac and will ultimately bankrupt the USA with a Federal Debt load that will drive America to insolvency within the forseable future !


    • That's a strange assessment of the saving GM, which saved over one million US jobs in the industry.

      Truth punctures political bias.

    • Let’s see...the stock market is up over 75%; corporate earnings are up, polls show an improving economic climate, and yet Obama is “the most anti-business president in history.”

      Must be the “history” of another planet!

    • I couldn't have said it better myself.

      It most certainly must also follow that if the man is responsible for the bull run in the s+p 500 he most certainly must be held responsible for the glorious performance of government motors stock as well, who now makes 70% of their cars over seas ! Is it any wonder why unemployment is growing in the USA !

      I'll wager that GM makes it to 1.00 dollar per share..... faster than FB...perhaps before November 6th !

    • The bull run has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with the Fed`s virtual zero interest rate policy. CDs pay nothing, money market funds pay nothing, investment grade corporate bonds pay next to nothing, Treasuries don`t even keep up with inflation. One has no choice but to buy stocks. That is precisely what they wanted.

      That you would credit the most anti-business president in history with the stock market success shows that you have no clue.

    • The new Tavern will be a less flashy place, not an attractive venue for sword fights.

      The latest mayhem seems to be equine. The carriages usually go right by the Tavern, so who knows what horsey excitement will come.

      And if Mr. K’s liberal friends have kept their money in the market, they are likely to remain chain free as the S&P 500 is up more than 75% since Obama came aboard – now THAT is quite a BULL RUN!

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