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  • misterbla_bla misterbla_bla Jun 2, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    Total Return -2.00%

    Could someone confirm the ytd total return? I'm just going with Yahoo numbers. Also, please confirm that this number is lower than the current return on a savings account. Please note, nothing in this post mentions, nor warrants discussion of, income investing vs. growth investing, principles of portfolio management, sector allocation or long-term investing.

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    • A regular pass book savings account does not NEARLY pay 2.00 %. 2% is so 2008-2010 ish.
      The PPS recently of this stock does S U C K though.

    • I have a problem calculating a return referencing a start of year date,
      Especially with GIM. Some abberations can influence this investment
      which artifically hike the trading price at that time.
      Substantial year end distributions, as we’ve seen the last couple years,
      Can cause a rebound effect from giddy buyers. Also, some(as I do) see
      GIM as an attractive holiday gift for friends and even charities as
      A way to demonstrate the wonders of international investing. Others
      exist too complicated to detail here. Thus I believe the Jan 1’st
      Trading price is inflated.

      Instead of YTD returr, let’s look at annual return for GIM.
      First, the GIM closed at 8.86. on 6/4/2012. Today it’s 9.01
      Annual return 1,87%
      Second, monthly dividends approx. 4.5% APR
      Third, 12/2012 distribution, $0.62/share, approx. 6%
      So add ‘em up. Good income investment if one uses the
      Right time frame!

    • WHY do you want the information?

      And WHY can't you do the math yourself?

      Just askin'!

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