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Templeton Global Income Fund, I Message Board

  • misterbla_bla misterbla_bla Jun 8, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    An appeal:

    It's difficult to change the culture of these boards but I think it's worth the effort. I've been accused of
    circumscribing the topics of discussion but, after all, the board's title speaks for itself. Let's try to learn a little more about this fund! I'll admit, talking about bond funds is like watching the grass grow but the dymanics of the various international markets involved here should make this interesting. Maybe we can get a little better idea of what's in the heads of Hasenstab et al.

    If you support my idea, just click a thumbs-up. If not, I'll concede to those who'd rather the board remains the same.

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    • Our newly emerged would-be board sage, Mr. blabla, has pleaded: “Let's try to learn a little more about this fund!”

      Now’s the chance for him to show his mettle, so perhaps, if he really wants to be a productive board member, he will answer your question.

    • "Let's try to learn a little more about this fund!" types blabla Let's see what his contributions to learning have been to date:
      “Total Return is Negative.
      Since end of 2012, with divvies reinvested. Doesn't even beat a savings account!”

      “Your pathological obfuscation is really quite stunning. By the way, what makes you think I own

      “After all, we're not the Obama administration here”

      “Could someone confirm the ytd total return? ... Also, please confirm that this number is lower than the current return on a savings account.”

      “By chance, do you work for Obama's IRS?”
      Anybody “learn” anything from the above?

      (If blabla really wants to change his "culture" and start posting useful information, he of course needs no prior thumbs up - he just has to make some sense.)

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