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  • obomaisaclown obomaisaclown Dec 19, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    Thanks obama your EPA just cost us BILLIONS

    What a fool. WILL not let a pipe line be build that creates jobs and help lower cost but pudhing the EPA to run up cost of every home own. Thanks Dumbo, your a fool!!!!

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    • Me too. And TransCanada isn't on my list either.

    • Are you still posting here, fool


    • PEACHES:--What you say may be true if the bitumin were to be pumped in its' original state. It is not. I am sure you know the bitumin must and will be diluted to bring the viscosity to a point where it can be pumped.--BTW--I examined the Transcanada web page. Still NO MAP.---As I understand it Transcanada has agreed to move the pipeline about 100 miles EAST to avoid (go around) the Sandhills (aquifir). This is just what I suggested in my original post. I am still not thrilled with this solution because of the nature of the product.--I am concerned that the viscosity of the product (even if diluted)will require unusually high pressure to move the product which makes it much more prone to fractures & breaks. That is what has occurred in XL l.--For now we must await the company map showing the new proposed route. The company stated this will probably not be available till next October. Have a noce day. GL2U.

    • Embridge and Transcanada are both Calgary based pipeline companies, but to the best of my knowledge they are't related.
      Full disclosure. I'm invested in several pipeline MLP's. Transcanada isn't one of them

    • NOW let's get this straight----For all the posts that have appeared, NO ONE has mentioned the existing pipeline. I have examined the map filed by Transcanada Pipelines. This map clearly shows THE EXISTING COMPLETED & OPERATING PIPELINE FROM HARDESTY, CANADA TO STEEL CITY, NEBRASKA. This is a 36' pipeline. It does NOT cross over the Sandhiills OR the aquifir.---The PROPOSED NEW pipeline runs from Hardestty, Canada to Steel City, Neb. YES, it runs between the SAME points of entry and terminus. The only diference is it is shorter AND runs in the area of the Sandhills AND the acquifir.--It too is a 36' pipeline. (Continued in next post)

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      • (Continued from last post)---
        Obviously the safest route is the SAME route taken for the existing pipeline AND everyone obviously agreed that the existing route is the safest.Moreover, most likely Transcanada owns right-of-way rights over the route of the existing pipeline BECAUSE IT IS THEIR PIPELINE!!!--Since they are already operating a line a safe distance from the Sandhills & acquifir there is no reason why they can't run a line along side the existing pipeline AND AVOID ALL RISK AND CONTROVERSEY.--The proposed NEW pipeline runs DIAGONALLY fro Hardesty, Can. to Steel City, Neb.--IT IS SHORTER WITH MUCH MORE RISK--BUT THE RISK IS ALL OURS.---This whole issue is about MONEY--The additional cost of doing it right.
        The map can be seen on Google--Just punch in Transcanada XL Pipeline. I can't believe anyone would risk damage to such a great aquifir (regardless of the level of rik) for the difference in the cost of construction.

    • You should do the reaeach before posting an opinion that doesn't represent the facts. If you would check, you would find that the officials in Nebraska do not want the pipeline go through the original planned area. A break in the pipeline would pollute an aquifer located in the area.

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      • rdeitsch:---It is useless to attempt to reason w/ Obama posts.---Obamaisack & dowjones 123 are simply "haters". I suggest putting them on "ignore" as I am about to do.
        The facts are that the whole industry is moving from coal to nat. gas which is plentiful. As I understand it SO will be converting 2 plants to gas & and installling "scrubbers" in a third plant.--Clearly this will be accomplished over several years and the ultimate costs will be passed on to the customers. This change should not impact SO earnings to any significant degree.---Have a nice day.

    • You Obama haters are just unbelievable. I can't say anything more.. Just unbelievable..

    • gwalker8397 Dec 20, 2011 2:59 PM Flag

      southernco company has not lost a dime they are still making tons of money stock price today over 45 dollars. you are so small minded

    • SORRY FOR YOU:--You are either blind or failed to read the materials regarding the routing of the proposed pipeline.--Pipeline, oil & gas have a history of of leaking from various causes.--I have owned several pipeline companies and know they are plagued by leaks, explosions and other faults.---The route proposed by Transcanada Pipeline travels directly over the largest fresh water acquifir in the U.S.--This acquifir is the ONLY supply for a large part of the population in three states.---A LEAK OR EXPLOSION WOULD BE A DISASTER FOR THIS FRESH WATER SOURCE.---To re-route the pipeline would mean extending it about 100 miles further east before turning south.---IS THIS REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK TO SAFEGUARD SUCH A PRECIOUS WATWR SUPPLY?? I THINK NOT!!!

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