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  • richwhiteboys2 richwhiteboys2 Feb 16, 2014 10:01 AM Flag

    Lawyer in Charge of Ala Power?

    Read it in paper, a lawyer in charge. Great, now rates will skyrocket, and all dissension will be squashed. The entire country is ran by messed up power crazy lawyers, from Obama, congress, now Alabama Power.
    I can't say anything good about the lawyers. Really a power company ran by a lawyer. What it is it, the Engineers are to blunt and honest for the lawyers? Lawyers are the ones that lack people skills, they get way too upset when anyone stands up to their bullying. OBAMA, CONGRESS, AL Power, great.

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    • Exactly how will "all dissension be squashed"? You talk like a fool. Rates can't "skyrocket"; they are regulated.

      Comparisons to Obama are absurd. Obama has a law degree (we are told), nobody has ever seen his transcripts. Having a law degree does not make one a lawyer. I doubt Obama could even find a courtroom, let alone try a case. He no longer has a license to practice. He is not a lawyer. Coincidentally, his wife has a law degree but surrendered her license years ago under suspicious circumstances. Two frauds in a pod.

    • In case you haven't noticed SO is constantly having to fight against more regulation & lobby for higher rates. Do you want an engineer or lawyer representing you in these fights?

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      • Wow I think you are right, you are a very good lawyer. SO should eliminate all the engineers and replace them with lawyers. It will be like NASA, all the lawyers are in charge, even when the space shuttle exploded in 2002 the engineers warnings were ignored in favor of the lawyers. The NASA lawyers said they knew the risk why save them, while the engineers were fist fighting with the idiot project management lady. I like it more lawyers. You are so good!

      • We don't want higher rates, they are too high already. Lower rates and it will bring in more customers and more cash. If you want to go to the moon you put engineers in charge, if you want to stare at others go, put lawyers in charge. Lowering rates will bring in more revenue, not raising them. The amount of money going to law firms should be public, but it's not. Why build a nuclear reactor? Savanah is to close to an earthquake zone, another way to raise rates is to build nuclear rather than build with coal or natural gas. fukishima is the wormwood of the bible, going nuclear is not profitable or safe.

      • Any dummy can go to law school, lawyers are a penny a dozen. The engineer would tell the lawyer to get off his fat rear end and start reading the regs, quit blaming all the regs on the engineer it is the crazy fat lawyer with no job skills that is the problem.

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