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    • Wow. Nice work Ross.
      In less than ten years, three Sales VPs:
      John Orth was too honest.
      Marty chased company skirts
      How long will Ross last?

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      • Ross is not qualified to be a VP of Sales. The only reason he is still with Insperity is because he used to babysit JM's kids. JM likes him because of that. Look at all the positions Ross has held. The reason is because he keeps failing at each job but JM keeps moving him into other roles. All Ross will be doing now is carrying out JM's orders in a nicer more subtle way. Ross is a "YES MAN" and is really nothing more than JM's mouthpiece.

    • WOW!!! Ross's wife is the only one to comment on Ross's promotion?

      What a joke!!!

      Ross A. is announced as Jay Minck's new "BOY TOY" and the news is so exciting that there isn't even one post on this board nearly a month after the announcement except for Ross's wife congratulating him.


      Those of us "in the know" understand that Ross is the #1 phony and brown noser in all of Insperity. He used to babysit Jay Minck's kids back in the day so this announcement is not surprising, but it is very, very sad. I say sad because there are a plethora of more talented sales leaders at Insperity who will never see the VP of Sales role because they didn't babysit Jay's kids.

      The truth of the matter is that to work under Jay is beyond tragic. He is such a control freak that basically Ross will be nothing more that a puppet with a title doing whatever Jay tells him to do.

      Trust me, I know from experience that anybody with any ounce of dignity, pride and self-respect would not take that job, I don't care how much money and/or stock they give you.

      Ross A. is the perfect VP of Sales for Insperity. He will do what Jay tells him to do with a smile on his face, but the truth of the matter is that if you look at Ross's career record with Administaff/Insperity, Ross does not deserve to be a VP of Sales just as much as Jay "mini" Mincks does not deserve to be an EVP of Sales with Insperity.

      The moral of the story?

      If you want to get ahead at Insperity, babysit Jay's kids and be a phony brown noser!

      Cheers, y'all

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