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  • djenkin3 djenkin3 Oct 28, 2009 6:09 PM Flag


    Missed by $.01. I was expecting it to be much worse with the strong SELL rating from Zach's and the way the PPS has recently dropped. My opinion is that it is oversold. But then I am probably talking to myseld as no one seems to post here very often.

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    • couple positive catalysts on the horizon that get me excited.

      first, medicare reimbursement rules become finalized on november 1st. i'm very confident that the rules will be much less draconian than what was proposed over the summer.

      second, this company is a cash cow (generate $1 in cash per year) and it trades at a very low EBITDA multiple. so it makes sense that the rumors keep building that they'll get bought by a private equity fund before the end of the year (probably just before AIQ can call in the converts and refinance). oaktree already owns half the company - FYI.

    • We're in the same place we were after the July quarter.

      When I talked about how the stock got crushed, the main response was that I was naive and that the company would rebound.

      The company still has a significant amount of capital in mobile units and they are deployed in the rust-belt states. It's going to take a long time to work those assets off the books, as the company is not investing there any more. If they're using those things as a cash cow, maybe drive 'em someplace where the economy's better?

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      • It would seem that if they were a cash cow, they would be a cash cow in the rust belt or elsewhere (where economy is better). The difference is payors. In the rust belt, the payor is mosty likely government which does not pay it's fair share but should result in a profit for a company like AIQ. Just less of a cash cow.

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