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  • charleslusten charleslusten Jul 20, 2011 11:08 AM Flag


    The company made an announcement regarding the rights to market what sounds like a silver colloidal product today. I would suggest: 'WHO CARES'. This agent is available OTC and has been around for more than half a century. Is this progress?
    Any comments???

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    • I have no doubt that Noble Materials has many products-most of which have NOTHING to do with the field of medicine. Secondly, if I were involved with Noble I would be happy to receive money for my products-especially in view that there seems to be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that is innovative about their products for ALQA which seems to be merely a colloidal silver agent. Third, your note seems to be ANOTHER PR presentation by this company.
      Best regards.

    • Nobel is the venue through which they will deliver multiple solutions. How read on:

      Noble Biomaterials, Inc. is a global leader in bacterial management solutions. Noble develops, manufactures, sells and markets advanced antimicrobial technologies designed to manage all forms of bacterial contamination. Noble has more than 200 global licensees for products in the medical, defense, industrial and consumer markets.

      Best Regards,

    • Nobel may have a group of products but recognize that ALQA is merely licesing a couple of 50 year old like otc products from this outfit and Paying for that right. I truly ask "who cares"? and "why bother"? I will prepare colloidal silver gauze and teach them to hydrate the skin for a fraction of the cost they are paying to this company. Seems like this should be hailed by the Noble Materials Comapny as a good thing by licensing an old product to ALQA---NOT THE FACT THAT ALQA HAS PULLED OFF ANYTHING TO ITS COMPANY AND SHAREHOLDERS. Of course there are always those people who do not understand the barrage of PR nonsense that ALQA seems so willing and able to place in the public's eye, in my opinionl. They seem very adept at "snowing them with big and many words" as well as multiple repetative PR statements IMO>

    • It is Nobel's infrastructure and Frost' insight.

      Noble has more than 200 global licensees for products in the medical, defense, industrial and consumer markets.

      Kind Regards

    • Your point is taken. Nice to read a "reasoned approach" on this board.
      My observation, however, is that is this a reason to purchase a company that basically packages gauze with materials that have been around for some 50 years? In my opinion an equity position at current valuations is inappropriate. They have less than 1 cent per share in cash. Their book value is calculated by showing an absurdly large component for "Goodwill"-what Goodwill?
      If current cash is a factor in your mind then I would suggest that you check the recent 10Q filing that shows a ridiculous SG&A. One last question to ponder which I raised when the valuation of the company was above 30 million dollars and is now around 17 million is: If you had enough money to purchase the entire company today (17 million dollars) would you do so? If not then I would question why anyone would own the equity at this price. I would be willing to consider buying the company when it is valued at 1 cent/share ($2.5 million). Please advise me of your opinion.
      Best regards.

    • spardoc Jul 28, 2011 8:55 PM Flag

      I disagree. The product is neither ancient nor OTC. I am a doctor that uses these wound care dressings. In a day of resistant bacteria
      silver ion products are quite popular and are on the high end cost wise. This can be a quite profitable move for the company.

    • It is not just the colloidial silver on the patch or even the gels. It is the delivery mechanism they all provide together. Using the CD8 cell line they have from the porcine cells(they have them still under their patent). Now you have a topical patch to deliver the cell line and various therapies they can use. They are lining up all their ducks. Time is all they need. In this industry it takes alot of time to get to market and profitable.

      Transdermel therapies is the future of drug delivery, pill form is not usabel for biologicals. You are dealing with cells, it is as effective as injectables. the Hydrogels are also used in hormone therapies.

      So not be short sited. It is not a band aid , as you said over the counter...Far from that. It is like comparing a bike to a airplane...Come on man....Get a copy of Biopharm or go to the biopharm magazine and study it....or at least go to clinicals web site.

    • At first i thought it was good news... and then i read the PR.

      I agree.

      It basically says to me: we're spending more money, stock is going to go lower.