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  • scriabinone scriabinone Jul 20, 2011 10:47 PM Flag

    Bought more on the double down...

    Buy it and hold for 10 years.....make millions....can you wait that long? Sure's just like an option only it doesn't expire. Bingo.

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    • I stay away from options. I made more on my long term than any other. Except commodites like corn, soy, wheat, and gold and silver. I do nto like shorts, or hedgers...they are what destroyed many good companies, by screwing the price through baloney.

      Old Soros just closed down his hedge investment and paid all the people back their money. Hmmm I wonder why? The Fed is clamping down finally...

    • I have swampland to sell-- call me

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      • Welcome to the world of microcap biotechland....where "conventional" valuation analysis means virtually nothing; and 250M shs out is nothing for companies of this dynamic - par for the course. ACTC went from .04 to .28 on over 1 Billion shs float and she's sitting at want earnings? Go buy a blue and good luck with it in this stagnated economy. Go where the growth is - in the lab, baby. Big pharma patents continue to expire thru 2013 with merger acquisition activity increasing on smaller cos. looking for new drugs, drug delivery systems, etc. When squeeze time comes here - look out for a bottle rocket LOL..........I've got dozens of sweat, all you need is one - and patience, which I have in abundance...........

    • Shares outstanding approximately 250 million---doesn't seem like a "small" float to me!

      Revenues-EXCEEDINGLY SMALL to me!

      Book Value---Have you actually read the 10K? They have practically nothing for book value if they don't use an VERY LARGE "GOODWILL" in their balance sheet. Oh, I forgot, they almost have 1 penny per share in cash.

      Insider buying---We are talking about around $50,000 dollars in total. Not exactly an enormous amount.

      With your enthusiasm though have you thought about a PR career!!

      Best of luck.

    • Any thoughts as to why ALQA has 200Million+ shares outstanding?

      A bit hefty.