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  • charleslusten charleslusten Jan 31, 2012 2:40 PM Flag


    I read the Corporate release today and it sounds like a "different" company. BUT, when I dig down on the few "hard facts" that are stated in the release they say that the revenues for 2011 will be up 38% over 2010. What they fail to tell us is that would imply that the final quarter of 2011 had revenues of some 100K+ dollars when you add the first 3 quarters of about $1.7 million dollars to equal the $1.8 million for the total year. Not much seems to be going on from what I can see. In addition, if they had not recognized the sale of stock in the second quarter of 990K dollars of revenue, the year total of actual sales would have been lower than 2010. Am I missing something here?
    ALQA is like the federal government---need more money just print some more shares of stock to sell, in my opinion.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    • Hello-
      Your note, as I read it, may need some revision. The concept of the Lidocaine and or Capsaicin patch for post herpetic neuralgia has nothing to do with their colloidal silver compound for wound healing. You would not use a silver compound for PHN--the presumption is that it has a place in wound care eg. diabetes. The problem that I see with colloidal silver applications is that they have been around for some 60+ years and are available OTC already. Even the development for PHN using a lidocaine/capsaicin is also a "me too" product in my mind. I have not appreciated any new conceptual products that ALQA has going.
      Of course, the hepatic "device", is clearly an interesting idea BUT they are so far away from any reality that it is hardly worth thinking about. They even mentioned in one of their SEC filings that they had doubts that that concept could ever be developed and that they may well not be able to proceed with any meaningful work on the idea. They do pay a fee to the federal government to use the porcine line but I don't see that there is any activity along those lines.

      Please correct me on any misinterpretation that I might have at this point in time.

      Best regards.

    • it also is costing the company serious dollars in government fees for compliance and filings. I know what I charge for validation studies is small on equipment, but the consultants and 3rd party validation companies for the process and medical validations for these things cost them millions....

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      • The problem that they have, in my opinion, regarding colloidal silver therapeutic wound care products is that they have been around for greater than 60+ years and are available ina variety of OTC products.
        As far as the PHN product-clearly there is room for such a patch in the market place but no doubt will take many many years to bring to fruition.
        I am well versed in these areas having worked in the medical arena for a very long time.
        Best of luck.

    • I call a friend from the FDA, and also you can view the information on thier filing with them. The Xstatic and silverseal are both registerd and under 510k with the governemnt as stated, also they are also completeing other studies required by the FDA and Medicare complaince boards. The pain patch is in process.
      From the statmenets and my viewing FDA doc.s they are proceding as normal, it takes time, Just wait and see approach. Alliqua also holds the patents on the products with government oversight for manufacturing under FDA guidelines.
      I am retied from biotech industry and I look at these guys as long term not short term profits....time will tell hey it is cheaper than playing the lotto , and if if goes bust, hey I get to right off the losses on my taxes.

    • Say what you want 3rd day up !!!!!
      See what tomorrow brings

    • 'Richard Rosenblum, Alliqua's President added: "In 2011, Alliqua made significant progress in vertically integrating its manufacturing capabilities, validating its manufacturing processes, ensuring regulatory compliance with respect to the manufacture of its wound care products, and applying for the appropriate registrations and approvals associated with medical insurance reimbursement and the ability to sell directly to the US government.'

      I don't recall ever seeing this information until reading todays PR

      Stock price sure doesn't validate the information.

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      • I too am dubious of these words.
        They just don't seem to be logical after reading the previously released press statements and SEC filings in my opinion. I am unable to make "a leap of faith" based on words that just don't make a lot of sense to me at this point in time. The words seem like conceptual generalities at best at this point in time. Certainly they may be enough to get the uninformed bidding the price up from the current level but I won't be involved based upon those words issued by management. They did have the good sense of at least not taking the $12K/month for ALQA "rent" which they pay to THEMSELVES (Harborview) for FY2012 and instead gave themselves 2 million shares of common stock in lieu of the cash they have been taking (which I have been criticizing for nearly 9 months on this board)!!
        Please correct any misunderstanding that I may have.