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  • jimmyyyy.rollins jimmyyyy.rollins Mar 29, 2012 5:36 PM Flag

    The 10-K Yikes

    That is some scary reading material.

    A cash raise is definitely in the cards.

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    • YES! The company was paying 12K/month to "sublease" office space from Harborview--so Harborview is "compensating" themselves with common stock in ALQA for the calender year 2012 instead to getting money. They are just "draining" shareholders in a different manner, IMO, for 2012.
      On the one hand they were taking cash--this year they are diluting the common equity, IMO.

      Please correct me if I am not understanding properly.

    • If you're interested in the Frost investment, look back about a year ago when the stock was trading at .15

      Frost made an initial investment, stock ran up to .30 or so then quickly plummeted to where we are now.

      Appeared to be a P/D but no SEC filings were made, but that doesn't mean anything.

      I don't see Frost as a good thing.

      Only positive I found in the 10K was that they are no longer paying the exuberant amount of money to themselves for their office space. I think they're getting stock compensation instead? Yikes.