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  • billdesouza billdesouza Sep 19, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

    time to buy?

    I bet ya the bottom is playing out now, time to get some more shares. I still remember back in 2002 with the 7 cents sharea and selling at the high in 2004, and then cashed out to recoup original investment and then bought more at the new low in 2006. SO I been laid back not doing anything until now, Time to take some starbucks coffee and some more beer money and buy some more shares.

    My pessimistic side a few months ago, with lack of clinical trial reporting and the status of the phase 3 and pase tow trial, I was ticked off, then add into the mess obcare not being overturned, this hurts all biotech and medical device start-ups future plans. Still remember Rhine Polenc Rorer buying up the company I was working for just for the patents, they shelved FDA approved device and ex vivo therapies using cd8cell lines that worked, all due to the Hospitals and insurance industry not providing coverage for patients.
    Obcare is having similar effect to the industry. But after this week I see some sunshine, Outsourcing services in the US is picking up, the companies figured out it is cheaper to have no employees and just use contract labor. I got more new contracts and hear good news from R7D folks in the trials, and validation and marketing vp's outlooks.

    Then I throw into the mix Mr Frost's investments, I watch this group closely in my investing, he is a major holder in ALQA, and must be a good reason why, he doesnt do so willy nilly. I am just a play ground investor, I am set well, so I can afford to play in start-up hopefuls. After all take some money that I would spend on Fishing and Hunting trips and buy some real real cheap shares in a hopeful.

    I know I am nuts right? But hey life is a risk, we wake up each day God willing, with anew chance to go for the gusto. So come on take a few hundred bucks and give it a go.....A turtle always beats the hare, little here and a little there and bingo.....

    Have a great day and keep smiling....and prove the naysayers wrong....I bet ya alqa will be up by 6 in a the flash.....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy