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  • arrivadeci arrivadeci Dec 6, 2012 3:53 PM Flag

    What is up with all these appointments??? No bashers, objective view please.

    Getting people with experience in the product and marketing know how to go through fda licensing and to get more product avenues..
    They are not splitting sec papers filed on share splits.

    It is common place in small companies and start-ups to pay management in stock options. Instead of income, execs take stock options they can exercise on milestones.
    I have worked for many small biotech and I got pay stock options, I retired on them too.

    watch the news on these guys after jan10th, ducks in row.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Correct-the firm has not split shares...they merely print up more shares to compensate the key personnel, as you describe. But I still stand on the NYC guys taking any available CASH out of the company. BUT, as far as I am aware, they do not have any product that has gone through studies to get "fda licensing". They have not done any original work on any product that I am aware of....they have "old" products that they sell as far as I can tell. As far as news after jan10th that you mention in your you have INSIDE INFORMATION? (clearly not an appropriate comment if you are trading or inducing others to trade).
      PS-If they did not have an enormous entry for Goodwill on the balance sheet as an asset....this company would be as transparently a "zero" as it seems to be.
      Buy a lottery ticket....same as these shares IMHO.

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      • The date is when more of what the Obama care plans medical device and products will be covered under 2013 rule releases, not anything insider, just tracking government regulations.
        Also months back ALQA did mention online that they are awaiting VA approvals for coverage of their products. VA under their site also will be releasing new product coverage in their system first week of January. VA is usually behind using products that are on the market.

        All stocks in my opinion are a lottery play, or better yet same odds as in Vegas slots. Life is a risk, we win some and lose some...I got screwed on my shares of GM when they crashed and Obama bailed them out. Never own them again. So like I said life is a chance....