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  • svgoley svgoley Dec 9, 2012 8:19 PM Flag

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    Harborview is making things sound inviting. Could be true though if you read old messages, blogs and news they have a history of the "Pump". Bringing new people with "cool" titles in with a huge carrot
    in front of them. They leave and we never hear much about it. 2 things are consistent #1 - HV continues to pull much of the positive cash flow out of company and #2 - they print new stock almost constantly. Compare available stock vs. 1 year ago - ouch, a few years ago - ouch.

    Hope they are on the correct path and the new team is not a facade. Hopefully the new team has pride and values.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • just saying, take an buy at the low for the day 30-50k shares, then sell later in the day at the high of a penny more, then make a 300-500 payday? do this on say 10 micro cap stocks, nice daily salary.....nah sorry that is a pipe dream, no one does that...

      only happens in fantasy land.