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  • yeledmotek yeledmotek Feb 26, 2013 5:37 PM Flag


    This stock is going to 50 cents. the person who talk about a scam lost his pants and more ,selling this stock at 0.03 and he is crying.

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    • Here iS another peace of the puzzle to look at ! OPK , and Dr Frost just spun out OPKs RNA TECH to a company called RXII with 50mil RXII shares going to OPK . That day they sold $16 million dollars of stock to pravate investors . My bet that is DR Frost ! RXIIs - RNAi technology has been proven very effective in delevery of meds for WOUND HEALING AND SCAR REDUCTION . I invission ALQAs wound healing compounds to be partnered with RXIIs technology to make the PATENTs that will be the future of wound care , a multi-Billion dollar per year industry . We all know how Dr. Frost loves to buy up Pharma companys and combine them . Dr Frost holds over 10% of the ALQA stock on the market per his SEC filings . So ALQA , RXII and OPK are all linked by Dr Frost . Sit back and watch how he combines them this year , and make a lot of money doing it ! Good luck to all longs !

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    • You are correct ! Those who come to this board to trash this company should go find another company board that needs trashing , there are many out there ! Charleslusten if you whan to learn about what this company is doing ; go to the PR Newswire article on Alliqua Feb. 11 2013. stating that ALQA does indeed have two 510k FDA approved Hydrpgel products they are manufacturing and marketing at this time . If you are short on this stock, just cover it and move on ! Maybe go long in the next four weeks before the rest of the trial on the 62 people is finished, and shows very good results , and you should make a lot of money in the next year . Good luck to all longs and Keep on smiling !

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      • All I know is that the trading range on RXII is from .03 -.26 so far...........ergo sum we should eventually see at least .26 out of this, if just out of sympathetic vibes...........i.e. we are currently way undervalued and Mr. Shorty is screwed out of his pants..............

      • It is obvious that you know little about topical therapy for wounds. The PR Newswire article that you site is silly! 1) The article is more pump and dump issued by the company. 2) They take their silver topical and compare it to petrolatum! Of course, everyone knows that a silver impregnated product will be more effecative than petrolatum only....that is why it has been available as a therapeutic agent for over 50 years!! Even if I tell you not to buy into this nonsense, you will not believe me. They DO NOT HAVE ANY FDA APPROVED DRUG---. Their PR is merely a pump and dump. PLEASE READ THE MATERIALS IN THE 10K before you invest your money.

    • The person talking about scam is a paid basher. He or she post the same message on VPRO message board as well. So I would simply ignore this idiot posts.

    • ALQA should has the results of its post approved tests in the next 3 or 4 weeks for there Hydrogel wound dressing . I think that is why Dr Zeldis and the other managers and Bosrd members are putting more of there money into this stock . There mid term results were very impressive . Remember there 2 products are already FDA approved, and all they need to do is market it properly , and this company will take off ! Good luck to all .

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    • LOL!! Are you saying that an outfit that has NOTHING going on except PR pump and dump schemes will be worth 159 million dollars (50 cents/share)? If you believe this I have some wonderful beach front property with a view of the ocean in west Texas for you to buy!