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  • dxb.trader dxb.trader Mar 9, 2013 5:09 AM Flag

    David Johnson - A man with a reputation

    The CEO that of Alliqua has a reputation to keep up and I am sure this company will take the realm of this vertical in the coming year and as promised by the CEO in his letter,we will start seeing better contracts,better sales and better stock holder value without fail.

    This guy comes from driving Billion in sales :) and we jokers are worried about the one plant which Alliqua has, which can produce 80 million $ in sales for the year(if the plan runs all day long).Guys,just hold up and load the truck.

    I am a guy who has followed PGLC,PPRTF,OPKO and now Alliqua as well.The Dr.Frost model always wins,wins and wins but it requires Patience.That of all companies,David Johnson went nuts and joined ALQA :):).Would you be the stupid of life to do such a thing?Leave a Billion $ company and a cozy salary + perks to join an OTB company which was trading at .04 cents:)

    The model says,this stock will reach heights in 2013 & the coming 2-3 years.Someone mentioned about this stock reaching .20 cents :)If you know what Dr.Frost model is,you would understand this stock will range .30-.50 cents in 2013 for sure.With such a strong mgmt team in place,we will see progress a lot in this year.

    Patience is Virtue!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I'm hoping the new sales force is going to be employees and not jobers. It makes a difference. I'm going to try a find out from the company.

    • You are correct about David Johnson and the rest of the team that has come to ALQA . I think that Dr Frost Has brought them there for a reason , and this is why . On thursday OPK and RXII did a stock swap for 50 ml. Shares of RXII . At the same time RXII sold 16 million dollars to private investors . I think that Dr . Frost got a big part of that stock . RXII has a high tech RXI-109 drug dilevery drug that treats wound healing and tissue scarring . If you put 2+2 together, I think in the near future ALQA amd RXII will be merged, or one will buy the other, to make a high grade wound healing product of the future ! I have shares in all of these and will be buying more all year . Good luck to all.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Scott, are you a buyer of both Alqa and Rxii? How will it work in case of a merger. Thx

      • Your are right.I did go through the Wound dressing market stats and understood hardly 3-4 players across the world do this in a big way and Alliqua would surely win this game with this team.And when one of Dr.Frost investments gets a big shot at the top,we can clearly understand that the next round financing from his side is going to happen.

        The letter from the CEO is just a message saying that he has started putting his leg on the gas pedal.And I read through the CEO man and understand he was the guy who stood beside the sale of Convatec divisions sale by Bristol Myers and the deal was worth 4.1 bil Dollars :):)

        And he is out CEO now..WOW!!!I have loaded 175K ALQA and 100K PGLC.Really excited to see cash in 2013 and beyond.

        Share any news you guys see plz.

        Patience is Virtue!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy