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  • helpme_hanna helpme_hanna Mar 12, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    For me, it's Frost

    I am building a portfolio of micro and mini caps that Dr. Frost has stakes in. I just bought some of this one. It recently spiked up but then backed down some. Normally, I like to buy much lower on the charts, even for Frost stocks, but the situation looked okay here.

    We'll see. I'm no medical or pharmaceutical guru but I like the looks of the new team. It appears typical of the teams Frost backs: Lots of experience and superlative track records.

    So helpme_hanna

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    • I've owned RXII since the split from Gale last year and have added over the last year. I own PGLC and became familiar with Dr. Frost from that stock. I'm now in ALQA because of the change in leadership and the medical possibilities the addition of RXII offer. I've been a nurse for 22 years and am quite familiar with hydrogel dressings. What ALQA has in their silver hydro dressing is impressive. Hopefully the marketing will improve as the letter from the CEO states.
      I've found the RNAi technology exciting for what it can bring in the future. RXII has the delivery system with sdRNAi. Adding RX109 to a dermal dressing such as ALQA already has is very interesting and I feel that is a great possibility. Plus, add in the benefit of decreased post op infection compared to petroleum dressings and you have a dressing that help scarring and prevent infection. An added benefit to cost and patient recovery.
      Good Luck to all Longs

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      • Gator and Hanna : you are both on right on track ! I think Dr . Frost bought in to ALQA and RXII for the purpose of merging or partnering there two wound care and scarring technologies into The High Tech. wound care company of the future ! That partnering could be one of Dr. Frosts biggest Pharma mergers , and money makers of our lifetimes ! I also have PGLC and OPK stock . My goal is to keep adding to my ALQA and RXII positions this year . Thank you Hanna , you turned me on to ALQA in a post you did a few months ago . I had RXII a few years ago made money on it ,and sold out when they started to run out of money . RXIIs RNAi tech. is just amazing , it can diliver meds. into the cell itself ! I can invision RNAi and ALQAs silvergels being combined into Patents that will be game changers to the future of wound healing ,and scarring treatment . The nice thing about this is that Dr Frost has the money and insight to do just that ! Good luck to all longs . God bless Dr Frost .

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      • Very informative post. Thanks!

        So helpme_hanna

    • You and me Hanna , I have PGLC , PPRTF, AQLA and Now RXII, that OPK got 50 ml shares of on last thursday . All my small caps are Dr Frosts companys and doing well . I have a lot of ALQA at .08 and have been buying RXII since Thusrday . If you look at the products that ALQA and RXII have, they are both wound healing and srcrring related and I am totaly convinced that Dr Frost will merge, or partner these two companys in the future, to build a haigh tech skin care company . I have shares in all these companys, but for now ALQA and RXII are the best priced, with huge growth in front of them going forward ! Good luck to all longs .

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