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  • johnmr12 johnmr12 May 3, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    Upon further examination

    Laidlaw has been hired by the company to sell 3 million shares for .081 per share. Why on earth would anyone pay .081 when you can buy it on the open market for .07? So, if Laidlaw contacts anyone, please ask them that question, because I'm dying to hear their answer.

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    • Trying to follow your numbers and logic. Do you understand what a Warrant is? Laidlaw has the right to exercise the warrants over a five year period at what... $.097? Let's say that SVGOLEY is correct and on 31 Dec 2014, this trades at $.50. That's an opportunity to either exercise a cashless warrant or buy outright and realize a nearly 80% discount on the purchase price to the open market.... And they are being paid to do that.... What's not to understand?

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      • I'm not as smart as you are, so I am just trying to figure out why Laidlaw is contacting current shareholders to try and sell shares to them. Since the shareholders didn't mention any numbers, I can only ASSume that Laidlaw wants to offer them the same great deal that they got, which I believe is .081 per share for stock, and .097 per share for warrants. Since it appears that a significant number of new shares are being sold into the market, I can now purchase all the shares I want for .07 or less. So I think you can see why I would love to be listening in on that conversation between the Laidlaw rep and the shareholder, as he or she tries to convince the shareholder that .081 is a great price to pay.

    • They are also stating stock is on track for .50 in 2014 and increase marketing push by 10x.
      Seemed like a much more honorable pitch/person than usual - no hard sell/pumping.

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      • On my cursory read of the documents re: Laidlaw---they were hired by ALQA to get company/shares promoted. In payment, they received cash money and stock + stock options around 7-8 cents/share. They now have a position that they apparently do not wish to own if they are actively soliciting shareholders to try and take it off their hands.