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  • wvwvwv12399 wvwvwv12399 Jul 30, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    Not a bad qtr update out this a.m. for ALQA

    Nice update if I do say so myself. Now I fully expect Charles to come out and save us all from this made up company. ... psych!

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    • Just as I had speculated on when "the group" on this board thought that the words issued by the CEO in July about the recent quarter--sales of 499K--I had suggested on July 30 that I would wait for the 10Q because the management team at ALQA has always been so amazing at lining their pockets with SG&A expenses. Sure enough, it was released last evening and shows up today that the SG&A expenses were a whopping 2.4 million dollars for the quarter. No need to be a bank robber if one can "go for the money" by running ALQA

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      • So if I am understanding correctly I believe you have little knowledge on what goes on inside of a company when you want to take It to the next level. Ok, they have two great FDA APPROVED PRODUCTS, one promising technology, so what do u do if you r the CEO of a company and you know that your company can make it big? Yes, you hired the best management team you know of, (key players) and I believe I don't have to repeat the background and accomplishments of each of them, and not to mention the personal/monetary ,and professional investment all of them have put into this company. You all know these people are not stupid, right?
        Yes, If I was one of them I know what I am worth, therefore their experience and track record are not going to be cheap, they are not your average manager, they have helped made millions of dollars to their previous employers.
        Another key factor is that Dr. Frost has not sold a single share he owns on this company, anyone cares telling me why? No need thanks, I already know the answer to that.
        Yes you can say all the negative things you want to say, but this 10Q is as normal as any other, big or small company. As I said I believe you have no idea what goes on when putting together a strong management team, without a strong management team it does not matter if your products or whatever you r trying to sell is/are the best, most likely your company will fail.

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    • I am not trying to "come out and save" you!
      I merely marvel at this "interim" report and reserve judgement.
      1) Note management tells you that sales(revenues) have been pushed forward into the quarter so that, in fact, the real revenue going forward may not do as well.
      2) Note that in the "interim" report management mentions NOTHING about SG&A expenses in the entire report...not a single word. This management has been notorious in their ability to drain money from the company into their pockets as as SG&A expenses. I would suggest waiting on the SEC FILING OF THE 10Q
      which they interestingly chose not to release at the moment.
      As previously mentioned, I would LOVE to be bullish on ALQA and find a "diamond in the rough"...unfortunately, I keep finding nothing each time I look!

    • But nothing happened, oh well, dont have a big position, could lose the money wouldnt care, but if this got to .2-.3-.4 that be cool also

    • This little company with this great management is just getting started. Nice update.