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  • nascrazy nascrazy Sep 28, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    What! Sorbion deal and then Dilute the stock

    Whatever happened to REG seems like it has just gotten worse after a decade and
    all the top tier does is just repeat the cycle of share dilution and create illusion.

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    • I was initially skeptical about the increase in the authorized number of shares as well; however, after thinking about the reality my take is as follows:
      1) Just because there is an increase in the AUTHORIZED share count, it does not mean that management will issue those shares without good reason that would be positive for the shareholders. Remember, management owns a large number of shares themselves and it is not in their best interest in diluting the share count without benefit to the company.
      2) The cost of doing a proxy statement (legal/mailings etc) is so high for a tiny company like ALQA that it is just good management to do an enhanced authorization in advance of need is sensible economics in mind estimation. I think that management is looking forward in time and ultimately saving the company money.
      Seems to be one of many recent reasonable decisions by the new management team in my opinion.