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  • svgoley svgoley Oct 10, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Stock Down, Time For Hype! Just Watch!

    It is looking like this is going 'SOUTH'. An attempt will be coming to tell ALL how great it is going to be.
    Failed manufacturing and turning into a re-Seller doesn't get many rich, gets most broke.
    Lets hope this isn't the case and I am wrong.
    Side Note: Frost and others have had major failures, should we bet on a name alone?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • @svgoley, Frost has had major failures? Nobody's perfect but he has an incredible track record. Anyone who buys all the cos. he invests in will make money, a lot of money. He has a lot more successes than failures. Nobody picks a winner every time but he picks more winners than losers. As far a ALQA is concerned, I think he's going to add this co. to his OPK portfolio. He really likes some of their products, a lot. There is one in particular I think he's dying to get his hands on. Anyway, I made a very large investment in ALQA because I'm sure ALQA will be part of OPK within the next 6 - 12 months. Even if they're not part of OPK soon, I think ALQA will be fine. I just think adding ALQA to OPK will benefit both cos. and the shareholders of both cos.

    • They have also increased manpower at the plant to get more products out.

    • You do realize the deal was for access to overseas markets through the licensed distribution in those countries, and it as a partner deal to allow them access here.
      The other reason some fail to see, is that this is why they have a new regulatory affairs officer and marketing officer.
      You cannot sell a product you make unless you have those two key people on your staff. The FDA, VAMC, and other do not deal with Secretaries.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to billdesouza
      • I always enjoy and respect your post Bill.
        My concern with this goes back to Harmel Rayat. IMO - he appeared to be bright and shady.
        If this had a chance of being 'Gold' why sell so cheap to Frost? .04 cents when outstanding shares
        were half as much as now.
        Why do they have outside people pushing stock so hard? 3 calls in a month, I'm "small stuff".
        If Frost believed so much in company why doesn't he just buy as much as possible?
        Insider options/option bonuses and unbelievable. At this pace they will get rich at .15 cents.
        Fear - Frost is here to pick up pieces and roll it into another Frost company with a positive twist
        for him. In the mean time key individuals draw a hefty salary, sell millions of shares each and have
        a promise with a Frost New-co.
        Yes, I have a lack of trust.

      • Just doing my DD. They lost $4m so far this year. They may build a better product, but cannot live on borrowed time forever. If sales do not ramp up, they have to dilute. The stock cannot move forward unless they start to show sales! Maybe frost has plans here to help. The cost to manufacture have to decrease, they barely broke even on margins and then when you pile on the large expenses, you go $2M in the hole per quarter. Maybe smarter to wait to own this after all the dilution? I plan to keep my eye on it. The one thing I liked was on their web page they are adding something new, the site is under construction. Any one have an idea of this new technology?