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  • stillondgo stillondgo Jan 8, 2005 2:14 AM Flag

    And read this...Worst of all

    And I can give you devastading news on the plate now what is coming for unfortunately very stupid PUMPERS here but I will just relax and watch my $12 prediction to become REALITY.
    So, How's my 18.21 short position looks now?
    Here is SWEET Reminder and more of the same in devastading sessions for you to come:
    will be very unpleasant in next coming trading sessions for SIMG stock holders as in my opinion they will warn on outlook.

    Bharath Rajagopalan, general manager for TCL-Thomson Electronics, owner of the RCA brand, said: "LCD production is becoming a commodity game. There is an inordinate amount of competition and price erosion."

    Ross Young, president of DisplaySearch, predicts that there will be a 53 percent increase in capacity during 2005, and he says that will put a lot of pressure on pricing. A 42-inch LCD set that costs close to $4,500 today will be $3,100 next year, and $2,250 in 2006, he says.

    Tasso Koken, vice president and general merchandise manager for Sears home electronics, predicts that in 18 months, a 20-inch LCD TV from a well-known manufacturer will be under $299, down from $700 to $800 today. "The 2005 price drops in LCD will make the 2004 reductions look like a walk in the park," he said.

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    • Let me get this straight. SIMG has a product that is almost standard equipment in every HD monitor.

      The prices of these HD devices is now going down so that Joe Sixpack, not just Joe Lawyer can afford to buy one to watch his football games on , and this is a PROBLEM?

      I don't own a HDTV yet, they are too damn expensive, but according to the stats you posted, I might get one this year. My guess is so are a lot of other people who want a HDTV but can't yet afford one today.

      Go to a Best Buy or Circuit City today and go to the T.V. section. Look at all the guys like me staring longingly at the big screen HDTV's.

      Lower prices mean greater sales which means greater profits for SIMG


    • Thanks for the warning, I'll take your advice this time !