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  • stillondgo stillondgo Dec 28, 2004 11:34 AM Flag

    18.21 short and will cover somewhere around 12.

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    • YOu and all of your false posting will have you on the run from the feds, should any of your crap that you post as only info you know about come true.

      The leak will be traced back to scum like you and then Jail time. :)

    • stilongo,I just wonder why you are still in SIMG message board? You have been preaching strong sell for sooooo long,I would think you would have divested yourself of all SIMG stock and be invested in some other stock you feel is or will be lucrative and spending your time on their message boards. By the way, what happened from opening to closing with SIMG yesterday. Did I detect a profit? :-))

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      • He is now trying to figure out what to tell the boys in the dark sedan that will be visiting him soon.
        You see dildo posted too much information and is an insider.He probably works as a janitor or changes lightbulbs for the co recieved 50-60 shares with his revue has never had a bank account and would like to get rich overnight by investing all of his child support in simg.

        He thought that if he posted enough times on how bad the company was doing (false ) he could get it down to where he could buy more than one share so,.... now that he has some insight on how it works he will probably move over to a penny stock board so he can fell like he owns a lot of shares, next he will cash in his food stamps and then use those proceeds to take grammar lessons so don't be suprised if you here back from him in a week about how he made 100% return on his investment on a co we never heard of thats because he doubled up on his 2 cent stock.....

        That was fun WEEEEEEEEE here we go again..