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  • stillondgo stillondgo Feb 23, 2005 2:05 PM Flag

    Slow but steady selling will not

    stop untill single digits are reality.

    How do you feel all you Pumpers with your Stupid posts full of Nonsense? How's your
    Strong Buys and Buy what you can since 18 looking now? And mainly how's your account is looking?
    I bet you feel the Pain and every single minut you are so sorry not selling it as I posted my opinions and at the same time you were expresing your stupidity in your responses.

    I tell you, it just feels so good to see my account bulging now thanks to your STUPIDITY buying and leaving money there. I didn't think I would ever come acrose such a Stupid bunch calling them selfs Investors.
    I think you longs are most Stupid people ever posted on Yahoo boards. And that is the Fact as well.

    You can guess when your unfortunate investment will close today and days to come.

    ********** Super Strong SEll******************

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    • Yeah, this one hurts. You seem to post on a regular basis. My broker told me this stock would languish for a couple of years at $12. Did I listen, I looked at the charts and didn't see or believe it. I don't understand how or why you keep following this stock down. I know its a down market, but we are getting punished and I do not comprehend the reward you seem to garner from negative posts.

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      • The best thing to do with that subhuman pile of manure, STILLONDGO, is to put it on ignores. I did that quite a while ago, and now I only have to see its vomit when someone replies to it like you just did.

        It's a pathetic, vile, and illiterate scumbag who will get it's well deserved punishment soon.
        The DAQ is pretty weak and when it gets pounded so does SIMG. Conversely, when the DAQ and tech move up, SIMG will do the same and bury the shorts.
        Every dog has its day.

        Hang in there!