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  • billyrayvalentine8 billyrayvalentine8 Apr 7, 2006 11:31 AM Flag

    GNSS estimate

    Ok, per GNSS 12/31 10Q that everyone has beaten to death, they state that they have been recognizing the original MOU royalties since the lawsuit started. Which means they have been recognizing the expense in their cost of product and what they owe as (my guess) accrued liability on their balance sheet. Now they have deducted from the accrued liability account any payments they made into escrow.

    So its reasonable to assume that royalty portion at 12/31 would be what has been paid into escrow that we don't know about plus the 6.8 million paid to SIMG so they could appeal plus their accrued liability account, which at 12/31 was 20,432. Also, if you look into the change in accrued liability acct on a quarterly basis you'll see that it is growing at a clip of about 3 mil a quarter, which will be a nice little bump in revenue and profits for SIMG. I don't think ST will be able to sandbag this quarter on guidance, unless GNSS can somehow appeal.