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  • muhney muhney Dec 21, 2012 11:09 AM Flag

    Are we being duped?

    Seems like if a buyout was really imminent the price action would be better. And a 4.2 billion dollar take out (85 a share) would price the stock around 80 assuming a market discount until the deal is consumated. Seems strange that with all the news released it's not trading better.

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    • I knew something had to be up. I am glad I sold half my position this morning, only wish I would have sold it all. Now I can't decide if I want to just blow out of the rest or wait until next ,onth and see what shakes out.

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      • I guess it kind of depends how much stock you own, compared to your overall portfolio. right? I mean if you're over-weighted and you have a lot of profit, maybe you take it now. Then get back in after the 1st. There are tax consequences for waiting until next year to lock in your gains.

        If you are now in the red, and you're now under-weighted, then maybe hold on and either sell it after the 1st or average down during the sell off. It really depends on your position compared to your over all investment portfolio.

        Overall, I don't think we've seen the top, but it may take a while to go higher again.

        Sentiment: Hold