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  • patkazoo patkazoo Mar 8, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Why, Why would someone sell below 75?

    I'm hoping for a reasonable answer. If the deal is for $76, why is there high volume today selling below 75. What am I missing or failing to understand?

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    • this will trade above the 76 take out soon on teh continued covering and then settle back in at the take out price...then higher bid rumors will come in and drive north of 76....see Dell, I play these arb deals all the tie and basically make my living doing this arbitrage gaming...just made a killing long on Dell. Will do teh same here...there is money seeking cash flow GDI has it....and this will bring 80+ when all is settled...there is no risk of the deal not getting done as shorts will can buy it right now and still makegood money....locked in 1.26 right risk. Buy.

    • Think about it. If you're going to receive $76 in ~5 months (deal scheduled to close in 3rd quarter), those investing in GDI stock today have to be paid a rate of return above 0% for that deal risk.

    • I think I may have an answer. The deal is not supposed to close until 3rd qrtr. 76 is now the top. We have to sit on this puppy for 6 more months with little or no chance of anything more than a $1 gain. My money can do better than that so might as well get the hell out now. Any reactions to this?