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  • jh123457 jh123457 Apr 15, 2009 12:59 PM Flag

    SO where are we on SDTH?

    what's the current situation, outlook for this company/stock?

    any ideas?

    thank you in advance.

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    • Stock acting well on 3X normal volume.

    • I like this new CFO who seems groomed to lead them on an acquisition which I assume will come this yr. I look at an accretive deal and we need it sooner than later.

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      • An accretive deal? What planet are you on? It may happen at some point but there is nothing in the pipeline based on company announcements. pure fantasy on your behalf.

        to the original question. SDTH is a company which has a good NPCC business. A year ago the company was half NPCC and half fertiliser. The fertilser business was effectively terminated due to a local council closing the plant down. SDTH negotiated for months to buy a bigger state owned fertiliser business but this never closed and the state owned business was bought by a sister company of SDTH?

        So the business now generates half the profits it did 1 year ago. And hence the prospective PE of SDTH has risen from 5.5 to 11. In the meantime there have been massive adjustments to the profit and loss statements with $1.7m of what was previously G&A expense capitalised in the latest quarter.

        The CFO has been pushed sideways and a new CFO brought in.

        Depends on your time horizon. I still like the underlying business and it seems to be a good 5 year investment. But in the short term i'm waiting for the share price to adjust downwards reflecting the decline in earnings.